July 6th, 2016


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To be honest, I know that the main reason that caused my unhappy feelings on Tuesday, was because of my PMS. I hate having PMS, it makes me a raging lunatic to the point of being suicidal every single month.
Also, my breasts are swollen to the point of pain, it’s a certain sign that my period is coming. And my menses have been regular for a year now, always on the second week of each month.

On Wednesday morning I kept on waking up between hours, and when it was one o’clock in the afternoon, I simply had to get up and take a shower. I had half an hour left before my hairdresser, and I was supposed to wash my hair.
I checked my online bank account, and noticed that I had received another 80 euros. I don’t know the reason behind it, but I was happy.

Once at the hairdresser, I was given “student discount”, not because I am a student, but in this case it means that a person who studies as a hairdresser cuts my hair, and I have to pay only half the price.
I had about four centimeters of the tips of my hair cut off, and my fringe cut into a neat shape, and the hair on my neck was shaved a bit.

After the hairdresser, I was supposed to go see Mirette. We met in front of the stationery shop, and went to Wayne’s Coffee where I bought two goat cheese bagels and a large orange juice.
After we had feasted, we went to Cubus where I bought a black lacy brassiere, and two pairs of basic leggings, considering that there was a “buy 3, pay for 2” discount, I got one pair of the leggings for free.

We took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to Hakaniemi, and went to the small corner shop where I bought a Hello Kitty backpack. Then we took a subway to Kamppi, and went to Tiger where I bought six rolls of wrapping paper.

Once back in my home, it was so late that I told Mirette that zie can have a sleepover at my place.