July 18th, 2016


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I had some weird- ass dreams again and got up this morning at about half past nine o’clock (9:30 a.m.). It’s very early in my standards, and I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore no matter how I tried, so I got up.
I took my morning medicine and then took a shower. I didn’t care about brushing my teeth, but then again, I don’t think they are going to decay in one day
I dabbed basic lotion on my skin, and massaged oil serum into my hair. I accidentally wrote “my hear” first XD
I put on a tartan skirt and a Cupcake Cult shirt with a picture of a Zombie Pikachu on the front.

I went to visit the local social office and took a paper form to the social worker who is responsible for paying my rent and bills and depositing the weekly allowance into my bank account.
The paper form is supposed to inform the social worker about the fact that my bank account has changed from the current one into another, here’s to hoping that this week I will receive the allowance I receive each Wednesday, and the one I receive each 22nd day. I have some urgent shopping to do and besides, I promised one of my friends that I will take hir to the movies and pay both hir ticket to the movies and the ticket to Helsinki.

I decided to go see my friend Mirette. At first I was worried that it was too early, it wasn’t even noon yet, but I called hir and asked if I can come over, and zie said yes.
I took the train to Helsinki, on the way there I felt like I should have eaten a breakfast, I was starting to feel anxious. But once at Mirette’s home, I felt better.
We made cocoa, and I and helped hir do housework. I picked some trash off the floor and took them to recycling, and arranged hir stuff in better order. Zie gave me one of hir self- made fridge magnets, I was very happy about it ^_^ My friends never fail to make me happy.

Later the day I went straight back home; I took a subway to the city center and then a train to Myyrmäki. Originally I had planned to take a bus to Malmi and then another bus to Myyrmäki, but I didn’t feel like dilly- dallying on the way.
Once home, I noticed that I had received mail; broadband bill, phone bill, electricity bill, and a silvery envelope from a Facebook friend. I wrote my social worker’s name on the bills and made the decision to take them to the social office tomorrow to get them paid.
Then I opened the silvery envelope, there were PhotoShopped photos of the BBC Sherlock actors, like Benedict “Sherlock Holmes” Cumberbatch, Andrew “Jim Moriarty” Scott, Martin “John Watson” Freeman, and some of them were decorated with pearls and sequins.
I was so happy about them! I decided that I am going to tape them into collage wall with the Washi tape, that is, when I am not feeling lazy enough, and when I stop bouncing on the walls out of pure happiness :B

I plugged my smartphone to the recharger, and made the mental note not to leave my home before the phone is fully charged.
Just to pass time, I fetched the laundry from the drying room downstairs, folded it and put it to the bureau drawer, and then I washed two loads of laundry, scrubbed the bathroom sink, toilet bowl, and washing machine, took the paper-, carton-, and metal waste to recycling, hoovered the floor, wiped the worst stains off the kitchen counter and the writing desk, re- arranged my stuff, and after my phone was fully charged, I went to Myyrmanni shopping center for some discreet shopping.

I bought a Swedish Hello Kitty magazine; I don’t understand a word of Swedish, but there were some freebies, a medium- sized tin in the shape of the Hello Kitty symbol, and some stickers as well. I might buy another and send the tin and stickers to my friend Zoya, zie likes Hello Kitty about as much as me.

I also bought two greeting cards, a birthday card for Jim and a name- day card for Riikka.

I also bought some hygiene products; a bottle of shampoo, two bars of Sunlight soap, a pump- action bottle of honey- infused liquid Palmolive hand soap, and a small pump- action tube of AquaFresh toothpaste. I have already got shampoos and soaps and hand soap and toothpaste, but I am going to take those to my grandmother’s home once I go visit her; she has to live on a small pension, usually when I go visit her she has the same shampoos and hand soaps she has had for about two years now, so I might as well help her out.
It’s not as if I earn more money than a regular pensioner, it’s just that my pension is regulated; when most pensioners just get their pension in one big lump each month, I get 80 euros each Wednesday, and 138 euros each 22nd day, and of course, my mother helps me out a lot.

But anyway; I also bought a Maybelline Art Pop Lemon Zap lip balm, I used to have a Maybelline Dr. Rescue lip balm, I didn’t realize it was menthol- flavoured when I first bought it. I cannot use menthol- flavoured lip balms because they make my lips and the skin around them irritated. I think it’s just the way menthol feels zingy, because I can drink & eat peppermint- flavoured stuff like candy and tea without getting allergies.
I simply LOVE peppermint- flavoured tea! ´3`

Once back home, I put the hygiene products to the suitcase, I am already packing for the trip. I took the lemon- flavoured lip balm out of the package and put it to my cosmetics purse, and threw the menthol- flavoured lip balm to the trash.
I wrote and stamped the greeting cards, and walked to the nearest letterbox to send Riikka’s name- day card. I am going to send Jim’s birthday card tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will go to Starbucks in Myyrmanni shopping center, there will be a happening where you can taste coffee drinks for free. Depending how early I am awake, I don’t know if I will go there at noon or in the afternoon, but I will go there anyway.
I will also go to the natatorium, this time to the one in Myyrmäki fitness center because it is finally opened after their summer break. I will try to swim for at least over 100 meters, and spend at least 20 minutes in the sauna.