July 19th, 2016


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Today was kind of a boring day, but I still write for the simple enjoyment of writing.

I woke up early in the morning, about before three o’clock, when I felt this strange psychosomatic pain in my knee joints. I got up, took a hot shower to soothe the ache, and swallowed a couple of tranquillizers. Then I went back to bed.

Later the morning I got up, took my morning medicine, dressed up, and went back to bed. I slept till midday, when I remembered that there would be a free- of- charge coffee tasting session in the Starbucks Coffee in Myyrmanni shopping center.
Once I made it there, the session was already over, so I decided to go to the next one in the afternoon.

I went back home and took a catnap, I had set my smartphone alarm clock to ring when it was time to get up again.

I made it to another session and got a small cup of medium- roast coffee with milk and sugar, it tasted good but it didn’t make me feel any more chipper.

I decided to go for an urbane adventure; I got aboard the P train, but once there I noticed that I had lost my travel card. I got off at Louhela station which was the next stop, and sat on a bench to rummage through my Hello Kitty backpack. And what do you know, I found the travel card from the bum bag I keep in my backpack.
I took the bus I to Helsinki, but decided to get off at Kannelmäki and walk back to Myyrmäki, I didn’t feel like going for another pointless journey.

It was a beautiful summer day, the air smelled of wild flowers, ice cream and suntan lotion. I thought that the year is halfway over, and it really didn’t feel like anything at all. I would keep calm and carry on, as if nothing really matters.

Once back home, I don’t remember exactly how I spent the rest of the day, but I took another catnap and puttered around my home, and then went to Myyrmanni shopping center to hang around.

In the evening I took my medicine, and managed to have a proper wash before going to bed.

Tomorrow I will receive money, I have to fetch my clothes from the dressmaker and go to the pharmacy to buy more prescription medicine and basic lotion.
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