July 25th, 2016


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Last night I had even more of those weird dreams that screwed up my sense of reality.
I slept in yesterday’s underwear, cycling shorts and all (I wear simple black cycling shorts under my skirts and dresses during the hot season, so I wouldn’t flash my panties), and didn’t bother with changing them when I got up. I took my morning medicine and didn’t bother with having a proper wash, but I looked pretty fresh anyway.

Ever since last weekend I used to sleep very late in the mornings, when the week before I used to wake up every morning many hours before ten o’clock. On Sunday I slept all the way to half past four o’clock in the afternoon, but that was probably because I had felt sick on Saturday.

Me and Mirette went out for errands today, we visited the bank where I inquired for a username to the online bank service.
Then we went to the post office where I fetched a package I had ordered from an online shop, then to Citymarket for grocery shopping.
We also visited Gina Tricot, it’s going to be closed down for good so I decided to buy some of their stuff this week, clothes and jewellery and such; I might buy a pink shirt, and a necklace with a pendant with my initial on it, and some birthstone jewellery.

Once back home, I drank so much cocoa that I actually threw up into the kitchen sink. Combined with the oppressive heat from the summer air, I felt sick, but fortunately not as sick as I felt on Saturday.

Later the day me and Mirette went over to hir home, we were going to have a sleepover at hir place. We took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to where zie lives.

After taking our stuff to hir home, we went to visit the UFF thrift stores that have a vintage section. The UFF thrift stores used to have a huge sale for the last two weeks to make room for new stuff, and now they have a new selection so of course we checked them out.
First we went to the one in Hakaniemi, I decided to buy an 80’s sports jacket so me and Mirette could match. I am also going to buy a mushroom- patterned hoodie and a sports dress; hey, it has pockets on it.

Then we went to the UFF thrift store in Freda, I added another dress to my shopping list; a simple yellow Marimekko dress with a huge red and green picture of a strawberry on the front.

We visited a book shop on Freda, where Mirette bought a postcard.
Once in the UFF thrift store on Iso- Roba, I found a gorgeous corduroy dress. It was on a mannequin, hopefully I will be able to buy it later.

We went to Kamppi shopping center and visited a stationery shop and Tiger, and then we went to Hietaniemi beach. It was a lovely summery evening, Mirette went to swim and I merely bathed my feet in the shallow water. I lied on Mirette’s newly bought mathroska scarf tapping away on my smartphone while zie swam.

We walked to Kamppi shopping center and visited Lidl to buy groceries, then we took a subway to Mirette’s home.
Once there, Mirette made some mozzarella sticks for supper, they were really scrumptious.

I ordered the Monty Python movie Meaning of Life on DVD from CDON.com, and what do you know! It was on the television tonight. I didn’t feel bad about it.

Tomorrow I will go back home, and do the rest of the housework; I need to hoover the floor, and take out the trash and recycling.