July 31st, 2016


(no subject)

I have decided to sleep on my sofa- bed until I come back from the visit to my grandmother’s, since I am going to change the bed sheets on that weekend and I am not going to sleep on my own bed for a while so it’s no use to dress it in clean sheets just yet.

I had a dream where I was supposed to go to Tampere, but instead ended up in Orimattila which is another town in Finland, except that I have never visited it.
I was wearing nothing but underwear, and it was a dark rainy night and some cheeky old man was harassing me. I tried to run this way and that, knowing that I had to make it to Tampere.
Then I ended up in Tampere, but I wanted to go home and the next thing I knew I had to find enough cash to buy a bus ticket, and I lost the ticket so I had to buy another, and I was chased by police.

In another dream I was in Rautalampi. Once again I realized it was only a dream, so I tried to make it to the cottage before I would wake up.

I got up about at eleven o’clock in the morning, and when taking my morning medicine I noticed that I hadn’t taken Saturday’s evening medicine because it was still in the Dosett. Then again, I might have taken Friday’s evening medicine yesterday evening; on Friday I took my evening medicine out of my pill box in my backpack because I was visiting a friend at the time when I take the evening medicine.

I knew I was supposed to have a wash and dress into clean clothes, but I spent most of the noon surfing on the Internet. I checked out my e- mail, and noticed that my mother had sent me an e- mail yesterday evening and told me that I can come over on Sunday.

I put on my bohemian shirt and a pair of black trousers, and then I was off.

There was a pouring rain outside, but fortunately I made it to the sheltered bus stop and took my rain coat out of my backpack.

I didn’t feel like waiting for the bus %/!, so I caught the bus %/¤ instead.

Once in my parents’ home, I had lunch and coffee and watched VHS tapes and wrote into my diary. My dad hugged me, it seems like zie isn’t mad at me anymore.

Later the day I walked all the way to the bus station and caught the bus %/¤ back to Mole Hill.

Once home, I took a shower and scrubbed myself from head to toe.

Later I went to the shopping center to hang around and look for stuff I could buy the next time I have money.
I decided that next week when I receive money, I am going to buy a tube of SPF+50 sun protection lotion, a jacket to wear during the autumn gales, and preferably a new wallet.

Once back home, I didn’t feel like doing housework; I should have hoovered and mopped the floor under the furniture, washed the dishes, but instead I called Mirette and asked hir if I can come over. Zie said yes, so I went to see hir.

I caught the train to Helsinki, then a subway to where Mirette lives.

I helped hir do housework, and later the day we went grocery shopping. We bought milk, orange juice, salted crisps and dipping sauce.

I decided to stay for the night and have a sleepover at Mirette’s home.
Tomorrow I would travel back to Mole Hill and pick up my laptop, and then go to the health center to book an appointment for a doctor; I need some sort of prescription lotion for the itchy eczema on my ankles.
After that, I would go back to Mirette’s home, we would spend some time together and I would go back to Myyrmäki in the evening and go to the gym, no matter how late it is. Fortunately I have a membership card to a gym that is open 24 hours a day.