August 2nd, 2016


(no subject)

I had a dream where I rode my bicycle in Vantaa and visited a small town that looked pretty much like it was abandoned in earlier decades. There was a theater with puppet shows, I was sad that I couldn’t visit it.

I got up about at half past noon. I took my morning medicine, and just for the heck of it I decided to have a morning wash; I flossed my teeth, brushed them, and used mouthwash. Then I washed my face and showered my underbelly and then I put lotion on my skin.

I had planned to go to the health center to give a blood sample. Yesterday when I went to visit the doctor on call, zie told me that the reason why the corners of my mouth are so badly chapped might have something to do with my poor nutrition, so I was told to give a blood sample.
But I have to go there early in the morning, without consuming anything else than water for 12 hours. I might go there on Wednesdays when I receive money, I am usually awake earlier on those days and then I can also buy myself a bagel or something else to eat so my blood sugar won’t plummet.

My ASPA worker came to visit me, but nowadays when things are good in my life, I don’t have anything special to talk about.

We left at the same time, I went to visit the social office. After a long waiting, I was given a 20 € coupon for food and hygiene products.
I went to the shopping center, where I was supposed to see my mother. Zie gave me 30 euros, even if I had expected hir to give me 40.

I bought myself some treats, and then I went to see Mirette, we had agreed to go to the beach.

We met in the hallway of Kiasma, and went to the Sand Cape beach. We both had our bathing suits under our clothes, and we took turns swimming and watching our stuff.
The sea water was freezing, so we both resorted to just sitting around at the sand. Mirette took a photo of a seagull that was kind of sitting on the sand with its eyes closed, I wondered if it was laying / incubating eggs, Mirette guesses that it was napping.

After we left the beach, I suggested that we go to the Sand Cape burial site. I showed Mirette where my mother’s parents are buried, and then we went to the nearest Alepa to buy drinks because we were thirsty.

Once in the city center, we went to Kamppi shopping center and visited a shop named Tiger. We swooned at the snow globes (plastic globes filled with water and glitter) and accidentally dropped one to the floor where it shattered. I went to tell the cashier that I had broken it and apologized for it, and zie said it was okay and we didn’t have to pay.

We went to Forum shopping center, sipping on the chocolate milk Mirette had bought from Tiger, and went to another Tiger. I bought a pair of black lace gloves, and one of those snow globes; it’s like a half of a ball with red glitter and cartoony pandas with smiles on their faces.

I asked Mirette if zie wanted to have a sleepover at my place, zie said yes. We went to visit hir home at Heart Cape, zie picked up hir laptop and gave me a stack of stickers to put onto my own laptop, and I drank a mugful of cocoa.

We took the subway to Crossing and then the bus %&= to Mole Hill. Fortunately we made it there before Citymarket was closed; I bought hand soap, a packet of bar soaps, and some groceries.
And what do you know, I managed to break the snow globe I had bought! I was looking for something from my backpack, and the snow globe fell from it and cracked.
I left it right there where it was, normally I would have put it into a plastic bag and put it into a waste bin, but at that time of the evening I was very tired and getting very grumpy.

Once at my place, we made ourselves some supper before going to bed.

Tomorrow I will receive money, I will use it to buy Greyhound bus tickets and travel to Kangaskhan to see my grandmother.