August 3rd, 2016


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I had a dream about my friend Kaarle, I haven’t heard about hir for a long time and I am starting to miss hir. I also had a nightmare about the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

I got up about at half past ten o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine and then checked my Nordea bank account; I had received the weekly allowance, but I also had to pay some usage fees. Nevertheless, I had enough money to buy the Greyhound bus tickets to Kangaskhan.

I took a shower and dressed into my pink Dirndl dress with a purple and black striped blouse.

As I mentioned, Mirette had slept over at my home. After we both had done our morning routines, we went to the social office where I used the common computer to buy the bus tickets, but I learned that when I buy them online, I don’t need to print them, I just have to show my ID to the driver.

I was going to buy a ticket back to Helsinki, but I accidentally bought a ticket for a bus that goes first to Tampere and then I have to change to another bus that goes to Helsinki. I had already paid for it, and there was no way to reverse it, so I had to spend money on another ticket for a bus that goes from Kangasala straight to Helsinki.
I was disappointed, but at least I learned from the mistake.

The next thing to do was to go to the Big Mole shopping center, where I withdrew the rest of the money and bought a new coat from Gina Tricot; it is a moss- green linen jacket, and it has four pockets. It is kind of like army- or grunge style.

We went back to my home where I ironed the laundry, washed the dishes, ate some snack and packed the rest of my stuff.

About at half past two o’clock in the afternoon we left, Mirette was going to keep me company until the Greyhound bus leaves.

We took the train to Helsinki, then a subway to Kamppi. We sat on the floor and talked about stuff, when the bus arrived I hugged Mirette and told hir I would see hir again on Friday.

I showed my passport to the driver, and that was that.

The journey went smoothly, I admired the landscapes and wrote into my diary.

Once in Kangaskhan, I popped to the nearby Siwa to buy chocolate. I noticed that the Marabou bars were in discount, two bars for 4,50 euros, so I bought two Marabou Japp bars and then went to grandmother’s home.

Grandmother hadn’t changed a bit except zie didn’t have curly hair anymore.
Zie had cooked a supper for me, rice porridge with stewed berries, and Karelian pies with egg butter.

In the evening I brushed my teeth and dabbed some lotion on my face, and helped grandma make hir bed on the sofa- bed in the living room.

Tomorrow I will go for a walk in the nature, then to an art museum, then to the cemetery just to check it out.
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