August 4th, 2016


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Last night I had an extremely realistic dream about being at my family’s summer cottage which was also my mother’s childhood home in the Eastern Finland. Even so, I knew it was only a dream.
I really don’t understand why I always have dreams about the same place, it’s giving me the heebie- jeebies like the fictional town of Silent Hill. Something is beckoning me there, I am sure of it.
Then I had a dream about Doctor Who, I was in Martinlaakso library where they sold Dalek- shaped plastic boxes with cute undies with pictures of the fourth Doctor on them, and I also had a dream about being at the old mini- mall in Martinlaakso with the first Doctor, they were nice dreams. Then I woke up.

My grandma had gone grocery shopping early in the morning, and zie had also prepared a breakfast for me.
I took my morning medicine, put on clothes, dabbed lotion on my face, and had breakfast; rice porridge with stewed berries, and Karelian pies with egg butter.

I took a long nap, and started wondering why I was so unusually sleepy. After getting up I went for a walk using the same route I always walk when I go visit my grandma; it goes through a forest between two lakes, leads to an area with modern detached houses with lots of fields, and then to a street which I walk back to the city center.

I also visited the local art museum, but my delusions were bothering me so much that I didn’t feel like enjoying my stay.

Once back at grandmother’s, zie had prepared salmon soup for lunch. We ate together and had coffee and blueberry pie for dessert, and I actually had to go to the bathroom to throw up because all the sweetness had made me feel sick.

During the daytime I visited the art museum again, this time I felt better and enjoyed my stay. Then I went to the supermarket to buy a watermelon because grandma had asked me to buy one.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, I cut my nails and dabbed some Bemetson cortisone lotion on my ankles and my right wrist.

My green magic ink pen ran out of ink, so I am using a lead pencil borrowed from my grandma to write into my diary, and that’s fine. I used to hate lead pencils because they always have to be sharpened every once in a while, and the dull grey graphite is boring. But then again, it’s better than nothing.

I have been sneezing a lot today, about fifteen times.

Tomorrow the Greyhound bus back to Helsinki leaves at half past seven o’clock in the morning (07:30 a.m.). I might take a nap to balance my sleep debt during the journey back to the metropolitan area, once home I will unpack my luggage cart and put everything to their rightful places.
I might go to the natatorium about at midday. I have decided to swim at least for 125 meters at minimum, and then spend at least fifteen minutes at the sauna.
I need to do housework as well; I will hoover and mop the floor, including from under the furniture, scrub the bathroom, take out the trash, take the mattress out and dust it, and probably wash some laundry.
As it is the first Friday of the month, some of the museums in the metropolitan area have a free admission, so me and Mirette will go for a museum- visiting routine.
I might go visit my parents as well, I usually visit them on Fridays.