August 11th, 2016


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What do you know, I didn’t do any of those things I had written about in yesterday’s entry.
I woke up about at five o’clock in the morning and wondered if I should do even one of those things I had written a list about, but I went back to bed and slept till midday. For a moment I thought it was already Friday, and I started feeling panicky because there was still plenty of stuff to do.

I took my morning medicine, dressed up and washed the sleep off my eyes.

I went out immediately, I took the train to Stick City and went to visit the bank where I still had my old deposit account. I told the teller that I wanted to close the account, and gave hir my old debit cards. I was told that first I had to pay the usage fees at the end of this month before the account would be closed.

I took the bus %&” to Mellu’s Hill and then the subway to Heart Cape. I called Mirette and asked hir if it’s okay that I come over, zie said yes.

We talked about stuff and drank cocoa, then I asked Mirette if zie wants to come with me to hang around at the city center.

We took a subway downtown, and went to McDonald’s to have dinner. I called my mother and asked hir if zie can give me the monthly allowance tomorrow, and after a while, zie said yes.

We visited a few shops, I kept an eye peeled for new clothing. I spotted an amazing t- shirt in Monki, and an amazing dress in the UFF thrift store in Pasture Cape.

Tomorrow I will go see my mother to collect the monthly allowance, I need to recharge my travel card. I might also go shopping with Mirette.
I will also have an appointment at the social office at one o’clock in the afternoon.
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