August 13th, 2016


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Me and Mirette stayed awake for most of the night, Mirette watched the Rio Olympics on hir laptop.
About at five o’clock in the morning (5:00 a.m.) I got up, washed two loads of laundry, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and tried on different outfits before finally setting on a purple fleece romper with a pattern of cartoon zebras.

We both took a catnap early in the morning, I got up about at ten o’clock.
After Mirette got up as well, we went to the library where I borrowed some books; the collected adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and the original Tank Girl comics translated into Finnish. Then we went to Citymarket to buy some snacks and drinks, and then to the pharmacy where I checked the price of some products.

Once back home, Mirette had to leave because zie was going to visit a hairdresser in Helsinki.
Meanwhile, I scrubbed the bathroom and then went to the shopping center to check the prices on some products I wanted to buy.

Later the day Mirette came over to my place, and we left at the same time. We were heading to Heidi’s home party.

We took the train to Stone City, where we met Emjuso. While waiting for Suavecita to pick us up, we took photos and talked and laughed a lot. Later Suavecita picked us up and gave us a lift to Heidi’s place in hir car.

Along with me, Mirette, Emjuso, and Suavecita, there was our mutual friend Ansku whom I had known for a long time; ten years ago we met in the psychiatric ward in Ohkola. Along with Heidi, there was hir fiancée Jari, the only man at the party.

We had a good time, eating popcorn and brownies and candy, drinking coffee, listening to music and taking photos, but in the evening I was getting tired because everyone was shouting over the music and I had to repeat three times before someone listened to me.

About after nine o’clock in the evening, Suavecita drove me, Mirette and Emjuso back to Stone City where we travelled home on a train. Me and Mirette got off at Mole Hill, and visited Mike’s Diner to buy something to eat; Mirette bought chips, I bought fish ‘n chips.
Once back at my place, Mirette gave me the chips that had been tainted with garlic mayonnaise.

Tomorrow we will have another party at my home, people will bring their old clothes and stuff and we will exchange them, and the rest will be taken to a charity shop. We will also celebrate Emjuso and hir fiancées birthdays, and their engagement.