August 14th, 2016


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Today me and my friends had this small get- together at my home; people brought their old clothes and stuff, picked and kept what we liked, and the leftovers were taken to a charity shop.

Emjuso and Jore arrived first, then Suavecita, Odessa, and Eleclya, and then Tintin arrived.
Suavecita bought lots of treats, crisps and coffee grounds and hir famous home- made brownies.

We had a good time, everyone brought plenty of old stuff, we ate lots of food, but in the evening many complained about the noise and Eleclya started having a headache.

We went over to Tintin’s home where zie took us downstairs to the storage room and gave us plenty of old clothes.

We headed back to my home because some of my visitors had left their stuff there. Mirette want back to hir own home, Emjuso and Jore went to theirs, and I decided to go see my parents.
Suavecita gave me and Eleclya a ride, we rolled the windows down and waved at people.

I called my mother and told hir I am coming over, zie said it’s okay.
Once at my parents’ home, I was still feeling jazzy but I tried to act normal. I drank coffee, talked with my mom, read the newspapers, and also read a small leaflet about cultural happenings in Vantaa. Mom said I can keep it.

Once back at my own home, I watched Doctor Who on Netflix.