August 28th, 2016


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Yesterday I was at Mirette’s birthday/housewarming party. I gave hir two cards, a birthday card and a “Welcome to your new home” card, three big tubes of toothpaste and three canisters of laundry detergent liquid, and a roll of plastic trash bags.

I arrived at hir home a bit earlier, to help hir clean up. Later the day another visitor arrived, a girl named Tiia whom we met at Girls’ House. Zie is very sweet, and likes yaoi manga.
Suavecita came along as well, zie brought lots of treats like hir famous home- made brownies and pizza pastries, and also a bag of salted crisps.

We had a good time, even if I felt a bit sleepy. I took a short nap on Mirette’s bed and had short dreams.

Later the day me and Suavecita travelled to the city center, and visited Cybershop. I really should buy a pair of glittery mermaid leggings from there, I have a really neat dress that could make a match with the leggings.

We took the train to Vantaa, Suavecita got off at Myyrmäki because zie had parked hir car there. I continued to Vantaankoski and went for a short walk.

Once back home, it was time to take my evening medicine and take a shower, then I went to bed. I had to keep the balcony door and kitchen window open, because the air in my home was a bit damp and stuffy.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I knew was that my throat was sore. At first I thought it was because I had almost screamed myself sore yesterday evening after quarrelling with the delusions, but after I got up, I felt faint and also had a slight chill of a headache. So I knew I had the flu. Gah, there’s nothing I hate as much as having the flu!
I decided not to brush my teeth because I didn’t want to infect my toothbrush. I still managed to wash my face and shower my underbelly and put lotion on my skin.

My scalp is still itching like hell, but I hate dabbing the cortisone emulsion on it because most of it ends in my hair, not on my scalp.

I called my mother to tell hir I am coming over, but zie didn’t answer. Later the day zie called me back, I told hir I am coming over soon and zie said it’s alright.

I took the bus, there was no way I could walk there. I wanted to conserve my energy now that I had the flu.

Once at my parents’ home, both mom and dad were there. I had coffee, ate two tomatoes and an apricot and two slices of feta cheese.

I had taken my bicycle to my parents’ home so my dad could fix it.
Later the day me and mother went on our bicycles to the newsagents in the bus station, because mom had agreed to recharge my travel card.
Once there, the salesperson told me that my pensioner’s discount will perish at the end of August, and I can’t recharge my travel card until then.
Mom heard that, and zie decided to upload 20 euros of cash into my travel card, and told me that the first thing tomorrow is to go to the municipal service point and ask them to change the status on my travel card back to “pensioner”. I don’t think it will be that easy, but I must try.

Me and mother rode our bicycles to Myyrmäki, once there mom went back home and I went to my own home.

I took the laundry off the drying racks, folded them and put them to the cupboard.

Later the day I called Mirette and asked hir if I can come over, zie said yes.

First I took a big plastic trash bag full of old stuff to a charity shop container, then I took a bus to Mellunmäki and then a subway to where Mirette lives.

The purpose of my visit was to pick up the brownies and pastries Suavecita had brought, so they wouldn’t go to waste.
I ate the pastries in one sitting, then me and Mirette discussed the festivals and such where we could go this autumn.

After I left, I forgot my hoodie and scarf there, I am going to pick them up tomorrow.

I took a subway to the city center, then a bus to Martinlaakso, then another bus to Myyrmäki. On my way home, I made the weekly phone call to my grandmother.

Once back home, it was time to take my evening medicine and go to bed.
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