August 30th, 2016


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This morning I woke up at two o’clock in the morning. I decided to get up immediately, I didn’t feel like just tossing and turning in my bed.
I decided to take my morning medicine later, but I had a proper wash and dressed up. I didn’t brush my teeth, because I still had the flu and I didn’t feel like transferring the flu bugs into my toothbrush.

I made myself some peppermint- flavoured green tea, it’s my favourite tea flavour especially when it’s sweetened. Right now I have Teekanne, it tastes better than Clipper.

I spent most of the morning taking naps and waking up between hours. I had a ludicrous dream where William Hartnell was telling me not to spend my money on trinkets.

I woke up feeling like the right side of my nose was aching, and the roots of my teeth on the right side of my upper jaw were also hurting.

When I got up, I decided to go out for errands.
I took a train to Tikkurila, on my way there the ache on the right side of my face was getting worse. I decided to try some of the Aspirin Zapp powder I had bought for this kind of situations; when I am aboard and don’t have access to water, and I need to take a painkiller.
The powder was made to taste like orange and coca- cola, it tasted very good and actually made me feel better.

I visited the bank where I have my old account and asked the receptionist about the balance. Zie told me that the account is approximately two euros below zero. That’s not a big deal, I can easily transfer the amount to the account tomorrow, and then I will come back to the bank to finally close the account.

I took another train back to Myyrmäki. I went to the gym and asked the receptionist about paying the membership fee online, zie gave me a paper form with information about how to pay the gym membership fee online.

I called my mother and told hir I am coming over, zie said it’s okay. I took the bus to where my parents live.

I noticed that there was a notification on the billboard in the hallway of my parents’ house. One of their African neighbours was going to have a birthday party.

Once at my parents’ home, I drank a cup of coffee, ate a tomato and an apricot and a slice of feta cheese.

After a while, I went out with mom. Zie took out the trash and took some mail to the mail box, and then I took a train back to Myyrmäki.

I went to the shopping center Myyrmanni and visited the stationery shop to buy a blue magic ink pen, and also a Happy Birthday card for the African resident who is going to have their birthday. I don’t know hir, but I thought that zie would be very happy if I gave hir a birthday card.

I also bought a bottle of clay- based Elvital shampoo from the supermarket, and a set of Anna & Elsa hairbands from the toy shop. I am going to use them to tie my hair back when I wash my face, so my hair won’t get wet.

I took a bus to Helsinki, then a subway to Sörnäinen and visited an eco- market to buy an upcycled Hello Kitty purse where I am going to keep my cards, like library-, discount-, and my debit card.

I took a subway back to the city center and bought a bottle of iced coffee and a small box of raspberries, my favourite berry.

I took the train to Myyrmäki, and sang “Jingle bells, Batman smells” on my way home.

Once back home, I put my new stuffs to their rightful places, wrote into my diary and blog, stuff like that.

Tomorrow is the last day of August, Halloween is approaching.
I will receive money, it will be the usual 80 euros. I need to transfer money to my old account, pay a bill, pay a friend for mending my clothes.
I guess I have to go to the social office and get a coupon for groceries, here’s to hoping I will receive one.