August 31st, 2016


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I had a dream about riding a broken bicycle from Jumbo, a gigantic shopping center in another part of Vantaa, to my parents’ home. It’s one of my most reoccurring dreams.

I got up about at seven o’clock in the morning and turned on my laptop, and logged in to my online bank account. Yep, all my weekly allowance was spent; half of it went to bills, 30 euros as a payment to a friend for mending my clothes, and two euros to the former bank account; I had to transfer money to the account so it wouldn’t be below zero anymore, and then I could finally close it.

I went back to bed and snoozed a bit later, after getting up I took my morning medicine, had a wash and dressed up. I also dabbed the cortisone emulsion into my scalp, I will do that every day from now on.

I went out for errands; I visited the social office to apply for a voucher to buy food and hygiene products.
I provided my account statement with the application, and wrote with neat letters that I had to spend this week’s allowance for bills and other payments. The receptionist told me to come again tomorrow because on Wednesdays the social workers had a meeting of some sort and they wouldn’t have enough time to write coupons.

I went back home with a heavy heart. All I could do was to wait and see until tomorrow.

I did some random odd jobs and housework around my home, but still didn’t feel like washing the dishes or ironing the laundry.

I went to the municipal service point to have my travel card changed into a pensioner’s card, and also recharge it. Now I can travel in the metropolitan area to December 31st, yay!

I also went to the library to return a lead pencil I had borrowed a few weeks ago.
I took a train to Tikkurila, and visited the bank to close my old account. But I was told that the account is still below zero and the money I had deposited there would take a while before it would arrive.

I called my mother and told hir I am coming over, zie said it’s okay. I took a bus to where my parents live.

Once at my parents’ home, I drank coffee and orange juice, ate two tomatoes and half of a goat cheese block.

Later the day I called Mirette and asked hir if I can come over, and zie said it’s okay.
I took a bus to Helsinki and then a subway to where zie lives.
We decided to go to the park near Finlandia House to take some photos.

Once in the city center, we bought some treats; I got a box of sprouted seeds and a bottle of carrot juice.

We went to the park to take photos. I ate the sprouted seeds in one sitting, they were pleasantly crunchy and tasted very fresh.

We took photos, and I also deleted some photos from the memory card of my digital camera. I should print those photos at some point and put them into some sort of an album book.
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