September 3rd, 2016


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I spent the weekend with my friend Mirette. On Friday evening me and hir went to this happening in my hometown, “night of the arts”. We met two of my friends whom I met in this special school named Kiipula; Eija and hir kids, and our mutual friend Eve. Eija’s son who is about less than ten years old, hugged me the instant zie saw me, I felt like my heart was about to melt.

We had a good time, and once we were back home, Mirette made pizza for us.

On Friday I was so confused about time passing, it felt like it was already Saturday.
We went for a long walk in Vantaankoski countryside, between forests and fields in the gorgeous sunshine, the scenery was so beautiful it took my breath away. We got a bit tired walking such a long, winding pathway, and the countryside smelled of cow dung.

On Saturday me and Mirette went to the natatorium, first we went to the jacuzzi and then I swam in the big pool while zie jumped on the diving board. Then we went to the sauna.

I managed to wash three loads of laundry, iron some clothes and towels, mop the visible part of the floor, scrub the bathroom, wipe the kitchen counters, take out the trash, wash the dirty dishes The third load of laundry was my only brassiere that was already yellowing, I would buy more of them but it’s too bad that the Triumph brassieres cost so much even if they are sold in ordinary supermarkets.
I also decided to wash my coats; the peachy orange parka, the olive green linen coat, My Little Pony Goes Rock hoodie, and also my bathrobe.
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