September 5th, 2016


(no subject)

This morning I got up from the bed at quarter past eleven o’clock, took my morning medicine and also took a proper shower.

Later the day my ASPA worker Kaarina called me and asked if zie can come at noon, even if zie usually comes to visit every Monday at half past two o’clock in the afternoon. I said it’s alright.

I have noticed that now when I am in a good mood and everything is alright in my life, I no longer know what to talk about to my nurses and other workers who take care of my mental well- being. Of course, I can always talk about nice things.

We talked about stuff while I knitted a baby blanket for my teddy bear. We agreed to have a new meeting next Monday at half past two o’clock in the afternoon.

We left at the same time, I took out the trash and Kaarina went to hir car.

I decided to go to Myyrmanni shopping center and visit the cash machine to check the balance of my bank account.
What do you know, my balance was 65 euros! I didn’t know if it was 65 below zero, but I attempted withdrawing 60 euros and got them.

I went to Citymarket and bought a bottle of alcohol- free mouthwash, and two big packets of sanitary napkins.

I took the train to Helsinki, and visited the stationery shop to buy a purple ink pen.

I have decided that in order to get my finances in order, I won’t go shopping for stuff like ornaments and candy, I will only buy food, hygiene products, underwear, and stationery, and other useful stuff. I will also pay my debts and bills, the ones that social office won’t buy.

Once back home, I put the stuffs to their rightful places.

Tomorrow I will go see my friend Veera, and I will also go to the youth group in Myöhätuuli.