September 10th, 2016


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In the morning I had so many nice dreams that I didn’t feel like waking up and getting up from my bed. At one point I had a lucid dream; I was in the Helsinki- Vantaa Airport, and I was supposed to go aboard a train but ended up in an aeroplane instead, and I went all “Oh bugger, why can’t my dreams be sensible?!”

I got up at midday, took my morning medicine, washed my face, and put on a sports brassiere (because I only have one brassiere, I had already washed it but forgot to hang it up on the drying rack) and the “1950’s housewife” dress I had bought from Morticia. Crocker and Page, that makes two Betties.

The dress made me feel a bit uncertain because I didn’t have a proper pair of shorts or capris to wear under it, and I hated giving panty shots and I hated how the chilly September wind kept lapping at my thighs.

I visited the post office to pick up two packages.
There was some sort of a party in Myyrmanni shopping center, I decided to take part in a raffle; you could win a gift card to any shop in the aforementioned shopping center, or a box of coffee grounds and a bar of Fazer chocolate. I didn’t win, but at least I tried.

I went back home, feeling a bit unhappy. I still had housework to do and phone calls to make, but instead, I changed my clothes into a pair of pyjama pants and a t- shirt, set my alarm clock to ring at ten minutes to three o’clock in the afternoon, and flopped onto my bed.

When my alarm clock rang, I went back to Myyrmanni to see my friends Suavecita, Eleclya, Odessa, and Mirette. We were heading to an amusement park.
First we went to Starbucks, my frappuccino was named “Piia” and Mirette’s was “Pirette”. We had a good laugh at that.

We took a train to Pasila and walked to Linnanmäki, Suavecita played Pokémon Go! and caught a Jynx.

Once in Linnanmäki, we were all hot and bothered in the afternoon sun even if it had been chilly at noon.
In the evening after visiting some of the attractions, Odessa and Eleclya went to get their faces painted. Me, Mirette, and Suavecita ate curly fries and sour apple- flavoured candyfloss.

Later the evening we all dispersed, me and Mirette left at the same time. On our way to the tram stop I spotted a beauty salon. I might visit it some day.

We took a tram to Hakaniemi, and then a subway to Mirette’s home. We visited a grocery store on the way, and then went to Mirette’s to pick up some of hir stuff and also a chair I can use to fix my curtains.

We took a subway and then a bus to Myyrmäki, once at my home I fixed the curtains and Mirette made us pizzas.

Tomorrow we have to get up early; the friend squad is going to a dog show at ten o’clock in the morning.