September 12th, 2016


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I have been having many lucid dreams for the past few nights, it always happens when I am on my period.
Last night I woke up and remembered that I wasn’t wearing panties (I don’t normally wear underwear while sleeping, but I wear panties during my period), so I put on a pair and also fixed a sanitary napkin into it. I should buy a mooncup soon.

Mirette had a sleepover at my home.
I got up at midday, took my morning medicine and washed my face and dressed up.

Later the day Mirette left, and I took a long nap because I was feeling completely exhausted. The scorching heat from the outside was making me sleepy; I wonder why, it’s already September so it’s practically autumn. It should be all chilly and crisp and gloomy, in a positive way.
My ASPA worker came to visit me, I was so lodged with sleep that I didn’t feel like doing anything at all, but fortunately zie was very understanding.
I still managed to wash half of the dishes, and then I had to quit. I wondered what was wrong with me now, I have been so sleepy for the past few days. I guess it’s the heatwave or the fact that I am on my period.

Me and the ASPA worker left at the same time, I was heading to Helsinki to visit Mirette.
I caught a bus and then a subway to where Mirette lives. Once at hir place, we chilled out for a while and then we left.

We went to a supermarket to buy some treats, and then we took a bus to Munkkiniemi, a city in Helsinki. It’s familiar to me because I used to go to psychotherapy in there from fifth grade to my freshman year in high school.

We visited two playgrounds, two lakeshores, used the swings, ate wild apples, took a pee in the bushes, climbed trees, and took photos. We also spotted a vegetarian restaurant and decided to go there with Mirette’s mother someday, zie is a vegetarian. I am a vegetarian but I eat fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Later the day we went back to the city center, and visited a clothing shop named BikBok in Forum shopping center. I used to believe that BikBok was a boring mainstream normalcore shop, but I was taken by surprise, they had all kinds of amazing clothes for sale! I decided that later when I have enough money, I am going to buy tons of their clothes.

We went back to Mirette’s home to have a sleepover.

Tomorrow we will go to the grand opening of the brand new Girls’ House, and I also have to pop back at home to pick up my laptop and other stuff. After that I am going back to my own home.