September 13th, 2016


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I had a sleepover at Mirette’s home. I slept wearing yesterday’s clothes, a pink Dirndl dress with a grey and black The Ramones shirt over it. The hem of the dress went a bit wrinkly, but otherwise it was alright, I slept very well.

I woke up with a sore throat, I hope I won’t catch the flu again considering that I was already recovering from my last flu.
I got up, took my morning medicine, and then I left because I had to pop back to my home to pick up some stuff.
I took a subway to the city center, then a train to Myyrmäki. I visited the post office because I had received a notification about two packages, but according to the shop assistant, I had already picked them up on September tenth, that was last Saturday. Oh well, I had also received another notification in mail about another package.

I went to my home, picked up my laptop, and took a train back to Helsinki and a subway back to Mirette’s home.
Once at hir place, Mirette had to leave to go out for some important errands, while zie was gone I took a nap. I practically lied in the same position on hir spare bed, and I didn’t have any dreams.
After zie came back home, we left at the same time because we were heading to the grand opening of the brand new Girls’ House, a hangout for girls and women.

Girls’ House was a huge apartment in a block building, there were tons of new rooms and facilities! I was so happy and proud!
We ate some cake and other goodies, hang out with the other girls, and I paid compliments to other girls.

Later the day when we left, we visited the local UFF thrift store, there was another of those discount sales. I will be so happy when they have their new selection.
We also visited a shop that sold all kinds of backpacks, purses, handbags, trolley carts and other stuff, I decided to go buy a new backpack from there. After I learned that my new Frozen backpack was too small for my stuff, I decided to buy a new one. Fortunately they have proper backpacks for an affordable prize.

We took a subway back to Mirette’s place, once there I picked up the stuff I had left there, and then me and Mirette left at the same time. Mirette was heading to the Peacock theater to see the Shrek musical, I took a train back to Myyrmäki.

I went to the post office to pick up my package, it was the two boxes of rainbow- themed Happy Socks. Now I have eight pairs of ankle socks, oh goodie!

Tomorrow I will receive money, I will buy the new backpack I wrote about. As for the rest of the money, I need to buy a few batches of prescribed medicine, pills and lotions, and if I have enough money after that, me and Mirette will go to movies to a late night show to see Ghostbusters. After that, we will have a sleepover at my home.