September 17th, 2016


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On Thursday me and my friend Mirette went thrift store prowling, there was a discount in the UFF thrift stores; on last week’s Monday and Tuesday, all clothes cost seven euros at maximum apiece, on Wednesday and Thursday it was six euros, on Friday and Saturday five euros, and so on, until today when all clothes cost a euro apiece.
I’m glad that next week they’re going to have a new selection, and the week after that you can ask them to set products aside for you to buy them later.
We only visited the UFF stores that sold vintage clothes; Freda, Iso- Roba and Hakis, they are our favourites.
In Freda, Mirette bought two dresses that were exactly the same design, except one was a few sizes bigger than the other. Zie decided to buy both of the dresses and give the bigger one to me. Yay, now we can look like sisters!
Then we went to Girls’ House to spend time, we ate plenty of grapes because we had bought a pound of grapes from the grocery shop, and in Girls’ House there was a huge bowl of grapes.
Then we went to the Pasila library, there was a kind of an art show about the Samí culture. I met my friend Juha Jyrkäs there, and ate plenty of complimentary salmiakki lollipops.

On Friday I slept all day, I was still bogged down by the flu and didn’t feel like doing anything at all.
Fortunately Mirette came for a sleepover, zie saved me from a boring weekend.

Today I slept all the way to midday, after getting up I took my morning medicine and dressed up.
Me and Mirette went to Citymarket to buy some treats like chocolate, iced coffee, iced cocoa, and iced tea.
Once back home, I took a shower and rubbed Bemetson on the rash on my right wrist.
I replaced my towels, and took the sheets off my bed, and took my blanket, pillow, and mattress to the balcony.
I washed three loads of laundry and ironed another load of laundry.

We went to Myyrmanni shopping center and visited Jungle Juice Bar, the new café that serves mostly healthy smoothies, juices, and shots with ginger or maca or other stuff like that. I got orange and carrot juice, Mirette got a berry smoothie. There was a bunch of fuckboys who dared each other to drink ginger shots.

We visited Flying Tiger which is an awesome shop that is kind of like the Danish equivalent of Tiimari. They had all kinds of amazing stuff for sale, and I got tons of neat ideas about what to buy for my friends as gifts.
Then we went to Citymarket to buy pizza- making stuff like square- shaped breads, tomato sauce, and grated cheese. We also bought a bag of salt ‘n vinegar crisps, I had had a craving for them for a while.

Once back home, I took out the trash and washed the plastic canvas bags where I keep the recyclable trash. I also wiped the worst stains off the nightstand.

I fetched the mattress from the balcony and hoovered it with the vacuum cleaner, and fluttered the pillow and blanket. I put fresh bed sheets in my bed.

During the evening we listened to music and ate pizza.

Tomorrow my parents will return from the USA late in the evening. I won’t go bother them yet, they will be tired after such a long journey and because of the jetlag. I will go visit my mother on Tuesday.
I have to hoover and mop every single square inch of my floor, including the bathroom and kitchenette, and from under the furniture.