September 21st, 2016


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As usually before paydays, I felt a bit too excited to fall asleep. I stayed awake well over midnight.
Nevertheless, when I just turned off the lights and lied down with my head on the pillow, soon I was fast asleep.

I was awake early, I don’t remember if I had any dreams.
I turned on my laptop and logged in to the online bank service. I had received the money, so I paid for my Netflix, LiveJournal, and Microsoft Word, and paid 20 dollars to Sugar Lips for a commission.

I took my morning medicine, took a shower, and put on the dress that Mirette had bought for me last week from the discount sale at our favourite thrift store.

Later when Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center was opened, I went out and this time I remembered to put on a coat and a scarf, the weather is getting colder.
I went to a cash machine and withdrew the rest of the money and went to Citymarket to buy greeting cards for every single one of my friends who has either their birthday or nameday this month, along with a “Congratulations for marriage!” card for another friend.
I also bought a bottle of Lumene facial cleansing gel, four rolls of plastic trash bags with handles, two rolls of plastic trash bags with drawstrings, and two rolls of biodegradable trash bags with handles.
I visited the toy department just for fun, and noticed that they had cute pocket- sized toddler dolls with purplish- white hair for sale; I had to resist buying one, because I have made the decision not to buy any kind of frivolity because of my tight budget. From now on I will buy only the things I need. 

Once back at home, most of my money was already spent but I had enough money left to pay Mirette back for buying me the dress I was wearing.

I put the purchases to their rightful places, and as for the cards, I wrote my address, the receiver’s address and the greetings into them and put stamps and Priority stickers on them.

As it was still early, I decided to go to Myöhätuuli. I took the bus #!! to Nut Hill, once at Myöhätuuli I drank coffee and chitchatted with the others.

Later the day I caught the bus %/! to Stick City and visited the bank where I have my former deposit account. I was told that I still need to transfer some money to the account, it’s still below zero and cannot be closed.

My mother called me on my way home, zie told me that we can meet in the Big Mole shopping center today so zie can give me the weekly allowance.

I got off at Mole Hill and went to the shopping center, mom gave me the monies and then it was time to go see Mirette. I caught a train to Helsinki, and we met at our regular meeting place.
First we went to Flying Tiger in Forum shopping center, I bought a small packet of green square envelopes and a pair of black lace gloves.
We visited our favourite clothing shops, Hennes & Mauritz, Monki, BikBok, Gina Tricot, and many others. I was enthralled by all the gorgeous clothes and jewellery, but I had also made the decision not to buy clothes and jewellery for a long time now, because I needed to pay my bills and debts, and stock up on food and hygiene products.

We had a good time together, and then we went to Mirette’s home in Heart Cape for a little refreshment.
Soon it was getting dark. We took a subway to Mellu Hill and then the bus %&= to Mole Hill, and went to my home for a sleepover.
We had mozzarella sticks in sweet chili sauce for supper, it tasted good.

Tomorrow is the 22nd day of this month, so I will receive even more money.
If me and Mirette are awake early enough, we will go shopping, or I will do the shopping and Mirette will schlep them in my wake.
Me and Mirette will go see our friend Suavecita in Starbucks, and then we will go visit Horror Shop.