September 22nd, 2016


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Last night I watched the classic Doctor Who episode The Sea Devils. Roger Delgado is such a handsome devil, zie portrays the first Master perfectly. For some reason, I have no inherently sexual feels towards hir, mostly I just wish zie was my dad.

During the night I slept better than last night. I had a dream about the show I had watched, about Halloween parties, wandering through different cities, and attending a rock ‘n roll concert.

In the morning I got up about at ten o’clock, took my morning medicine and put on a brassiere that rubbed my underboobs painfully, a shirt that was so thin you could see my bra under it, and a skirt that was so wide it kept on dropping down.

Me and Mirette went to the cash machine in the Big Mole shopping center, I withdrew the money and then we went to Cubus, I bought four pairs of simple black leggings. I got one for free because I had a coupon.
Then we went to the pharmacy, I bought two bottles of Vicks Sinex nasal spray. One for my bedside table drawer, and one to keep in my backpack to use in case I need it when I am outside my own home.
I also bought a red Dosett, so I can keep my medicine there when I go, for example, a sleepover to a friend’s home or visit my grandmother, stuff like that.

We took a train to Helsinki, and then a subway to Pasture Cape, where I visited Ekolo to buy a blue and white Globe Hope apron, and then we travelled on a subway to Kamppi where I visited Ruohonjuuri to buy a small purple Lunette menstrual keeper.

Once back at my own home, I cut the price labels off the leggings and the apron and put them, I mean the leggings and apron, not the price tags, into the laundry basket. I also disinfected my menstrual keeper by putting it into a boiling kettle for ten minutes, and dealt two weeks’ worth of pills into the new Dosett and put it into my backpack.

About at half past two o’clock in the afternoon we headed out, I mailed some greeting cards and took two bills into the social office, then we went to Starbucks where we met Suavecita. I bought hir one of those notorious pumpkin spice lattes, and a pumpkin spice frappucino for myself. It tasted more like cinnamon or ginger than pumpkin, it kind of reminded me of Christmas more than Halloween.

We hung out for a while, visited a couple of shops, and then Suavecita drove us to Henhouse where we went to visit Horror Shop and say hello to Perkele. Mirette bought six shirts, Suavecita also bought one, and we all had a good time.

Suavecita drove us back to Mole Hill, we visited Citymarket in the Big Mole shopping center to buy some groceries. Then we went over to my home, had coffee and some snack, and I gave them some of my old useless stuff.

Later Suavecita drove back to hir own home, Mirette stayed at my place for a sleepover. For supper we had mozzarella sticks and French fries.

Tomorrow I will start doing the weekly housework, and I also have to visit my mother.