September 28th, 2016


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Yesterday I managed to wash at least most of the dishes, and iron at least most of the clothes. I was actually proud of myself, even if I was once again in a terribly pissy mood. I didn’t even know why, but I guess it’s my PMS.

Last night I had a dream where I lived with my parents in the same apartment where we moved to after I was born. In the dream I was the same age as now, I did a great deal of housework and my dad still wasn’t grateful.
I woke up right after the dream and felt pretty morose. I looked at my smartphone recharging on my nightstand and noticed that it was only a quarter to four o’clock in the morning. I sincerely thought about getting up and doing some housework, but I had already done it yesterday.

I fell back asleep and had a dream about the adventures of the Paternoster gang from Doctor Who. In the dream Madame Vastra and hir wife Jenny adopted me from an orphanage. It was a moderately nice dream. In another dream I was in some sort of a school talent show, and sang some songs on the stage:
Priscilla – I’ve been to Paradise
Antsy Pants – Tree hugger
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
David Bowie – Life on Mars

I kept on waking up between my dreams, I knew I would receive money today so I couldn’t get much sleep.
I finally gave up and got up at quarter to ten o’clock in the morning. I dressed up and logged in to my online bank account to see if I had received money.

I went to Citymarket to buy a jar of face cream and a name- day card for my nurse whom I met on Monday, zie is going to have hir name- day next week. I also bought some treats, iced coffee and After Eight mint chocolates.

Once back home, I washed my face and dabbed the cream on my face, I looked into the mirror and decided that I was beautiful. Then I had some treats and surfed on the Internet.

I did some face and neck exercises, I have grown a double chin and I’m working to get rid of it.

Later the day I went out again, I brought my pink Dirndl dress to the dressmaker and asked hir to widen it a bit at the bodice. It was already widened under the armholes with a dark blue flower- patterned cloth, but it didn’t look too good so I asked the dressmaker to replace it with pink cloth.

I also bought myself a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, it took me a while before I learned to use it. I think it’s far better than Nokia Lumia.

Once back home, I called my mother to test my new phone, it worked like a charm. Then I plugged it into the charger, read some Dykes to watch out for comics, constructed a package for my friend, and ate the chocolates.

I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for half an hour, after that I went back home because I wanted to fiddle with my new smartphone.

I noticed that my neck and face muscles were very stiff, I guess the exercises are working.

As for the rest of the day, I watched the Batman movies directed by Tim Burton on Netflix.