October 4th, 2016


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I had a dream where I rode my bicycle all around Vantaa, admiring the street art, and befriending a bunch of glam rock vampires. Those dreams were nice, but the last one I had was really unhappy; it was December 23rd, and I was spending the holidays at my parents.
It was sleeting outside, and my parents and my big brother were quarrelling, and I realized that I had forgotten to buy presents.
Fortunately I woke up and realized that it was only October 4th, I was so relieved.
I looked at my smartphone, it was only half past nine o’clock in the morning. I closed my eyes for a moment, and what do you know, when I opened them again it was already half past noon.

I got up, took my morning medicine, washed my face, dabbed lotion on my skin, and put on an orange- brown dress. I also managed to make my bed.

Me and Mirette were going to a zoo in Helsinki, because on the fourth day of October, the zoo has free admission.

I took the train to Helsinki, and met Mirette in our usual meeting place.
First we went to a grocery shop to buy treats; for me, it was jaffa cakes and iced coffee, for Mirette it was chocolate confections and peach- flavoured ice tea.

We caught a bus to the zoo, but it was full of passengers because there were other people who were also heading to the zoo. Fortunately Mirette got a seat, I was happy standing next to hir.

Once at the zoo, the bitterly cold wind blew from the sea. I decided that from this day on I would take along a pair of gloves and a woolly cap.

After we had passed through the gates, the smell of animal dung was really strong in the air.
We managed to see lots of birds like ibises, parrots, peacocks, and owls, and some mammals like monkeys and rabbits and guinea pigs, and reptiles like axolotls and tortoises. I think the axolotl was my favourite.

We were jumping on a trampoline when it was announced that the zoo would be closed in half an hour.

We walked back to the bus stop, but we had to take the next bus because it was absolutely crowned.
I met Irina, zie had taken the Myöhätuuli group to the zoo. What a coincidence!

Me and Mirette managed to get seats, we took a couple of friendship selfies.

Once we arrived to downtown Helsinki, the sun was peeking out and the wind had ceased.
Mirette took a subway to hir home, and I decided to go visit my mother like every Tuesday.
I took a bus, on my way I called mother and told hir that I am coming over, zie said zie was still doing some volunteer work but zie was back home in an hour.

I went to the local LIDL to see if they still had those small three- drawer bureaus for sale. Then I went to the library, I sat on a rocking chair and listened to David Bowie on Spotify, and wrote into my diary.

About after quarter past six o’clock I went to see my folks, mom was home and dad arrived later.

Mom gave me 20 euros.

After I left, the sun was setting and the sky was a glorious pearly purple.

I visited the stationery shop to buy two pens with erasable ink, one black and one light blue.
The aforementioned stationery shop was selling new Geepap diaries, I counted ten new cover designs. I made the decision to buy each and every single one of them.

I visited many shops and found plenty of stuff to buy, but didn’t buy anything. It’s always the same, I want to buy tons of crazy crap and when I am actually able to afford them, I don’t want to buy them after all.
I was thinking of buying a tiny bottle of watermelon- scented cuticle oil from Bella’s thrift store, or a finger ring with a semi- precious stone on it from Glitter, but instead, I went to Citymarket and bought a box of frozen mozzarella sticks, a bar of Marabou Japp chocolate, and two bottles of Frezza Mocca iced coffee.

I decided not to go to the natatorium today, it was getting late.
Once back home, I warmed the mozzarella sticks in the oven and had them for supper, with chocolate and iced coffee for dessert.

The lightbulb on my bedside table lamp has broken, so tonight I am sleeping on the sofa- bed so I can write in the light of the ceiling lamp. Tomorrow I will buy at least four lightbulbs, so they will last longer.

Tomorrow I will receive money, I don’t know whether or not I have to pay my bank account’s usage fees yet.
I am also going to purchase myself a ticket to a carnival in an amusement park this week. Hopefully I will remember to order the ticket before withdrawing the money and going to buy the groceries.
I have decided to use my Visa Electron only for online payments, but I am not going to use it for, say, withdrawing money or paying in shops, because the bank charges one euro for every time you use the card, and in the long run it’s going to be a pretty penny. I can easily go withdraw the money from the bank, and pay with cash.