October 11th, 2016


(no subject)

I have been very busy these days, it’s only a blessing but I don’t always find enough time to update my journals.

When I went to see my parents last Sunday, I shaved my armpits with my mother’s shaver. I am going to buy one of my own next week and continue shaving my armpits.

I have started doing face-, neck- and foot exercises every day, I am going to take up hand exercises as well; or I might just buy one of those rubber stress balls and squeeze them.

The rash in the backs of my knees is gone, but my scalp still itches no matter how much I put the liquid Bemetson on it.
I have been thinking about going to a hairdresser to shave my head completely bald, and ask my doctor to prescribe me stronger lotion for it so my hair won’t get on the way when I apply the lotion.
I don’t think I have nits.

I went to Linnanmäki amusement park with Mirette last Friday, we had such a good time! Thanks to my friend, I could go to most gadgets without any fear, except we both shrieked out loud during the rides. We also had curly fries for supper.

On Monday I went out for errands; I took a burned out lightbulb to the nearest supermarket for recycling, and sent a birthday card to a friend who has hir birthday on Sunday.
Then I travelled to the eastern part of my home town to visit a bank to withdraw cash.
I have decided that from now on I am not going to use my Visa Electron for anything else than online payments because the bank where I have my deposit account charges one euro for each withdraw at a cash machine, or when I check out my balance on said machine, and in the long run, it’s going to be very expensive.
My ASPA worker came to visit me, I managed to iron lots of laundry in one hour.
Then I had to go back to the eastern part of my home town in order to visit this group for mental patients and their parents.
I had a good time, I drank two cups of coffee, ate two satsumas and a handful of grapes.
After the group I went to the gym, walked on a treadmill for 17 minutes, and used all the exercise machines. There was a Body Pump session so almost all the lockers were taken, and there were plenty of visitors so most of the exercise machines were also taken.

Once back home, I tuned into Netflix and watched the movie Casper, the Friendly Ghost. I was happy to see that they had many amazing movies like Trainspotting, The Queen of the Damned, E.T., The Breakfast Club