October 17th, 2016


Ich bin ein sjörövare

On Friday evening I went to bed with tonight’s classic Doctor Who DVD of choice; The Colony in Space, because I wanted to see the first Master. The classic Master, especially when portrayed by Roger Delgado, is very sleek and suave and not a hyperactive ball of blonde hair like the one in the newer episodes. I like Missy, the female regeneration as well.

About at one o’clock in the morning I decided to go to sleep, my back was hurting from leaning to the wall behind my bed, and my eyeballs were drying up.

I had a dream where I lived in some sort of a hippie commune in a lush paradise with the Overwatch characters. Junkrat had impregnated me, and after the news broke, he ran across the flower fields shrieking in delight “I’m going to be a babydaddy!” and I ran after him, screaming “I’m going to be a babymomma!”

I also had a dream where I was in a part of Helsinki that I have deep in my memories, but I managed to wake myself up before the dream got too serious.

I got up, took my morning medicine, and realized that I could have as well have a morning wash, but decided not to because I was running out of interdental brushes.

I dressed up, washed a load of laundry, and then it was time to leave because me, Mirette, Eleclya, and Suavecita were heading to Helsinki. There was going to be this happening where you could take your old clothes and exchange them into other people’s old clothes, including jewellery, hats, shoes, and shopping bags, or simply take them for free.

I met Eleclya and Suavecita in the train station, and Mirette had arrived to the happening.
I found a pair of black and green striped leggings, a long- hemmed light blue skirt, and a Moomins in Riviera- shirt.

After the happening, we took a train back to Vantaa, Suavecita had left hir car there. Zie drove us to LIDL where zie returned bottles and bought some food, then zie drove us to Eleclya’s hometown where zie and Eleclya picked up some firewood.
We went to Eleclya’s home. We ate plenty of food, it made me fart big time. We messed about on Eleclya’s bed, giggling and gossiping, and Mirette took some photos of us.

After that, me and Mirette caught a bus to a train station and then a train to my home. We decided that we are going to spend the weekend together.

On Sunday I did plenty of housework while Mirette went to hir home to pick up some of hir stuff, after that me and Mirette went to the natatorium. I swam for 175 meters and washed my hair after that.
In the evening Mirette made pizza for both of us.

This morning I got up early enough because I had to go to this meeting at the social office with my ASPA worker and social worker.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed into neat clothes, and put on some jewellery; stud earrings to both of my ears, and a dark red star- shaped gold- plated pendant necklace.
Me and Mirette went to the nearest supermarket to buy some bottled Mars bar- flavoured cocoa, and then zie went back to hir own home.

I went to the social office. The subject of the meeting was that the company, that owns my apartment, and provides help for me, and other mentally challenged patients, is going to be changed into another. I can still live in the same apartment, which is good.
The meeting went smoothly, I hugged my ASPA worker for the last time, and then I went to the shopping center.
I visited the supermarket and noticed that there was a seasonal sale in the clothing department, I could get some nice clothes from there for a reasonable price.
They are already selling Christmas decorations. I might buy myself a religiously neutral shape of fairy lights, such as star-, heart-, or snowflake- shaped, like a plastic shape with some fairy lights wrapped around it.
I am also going to buy two Halloween cards and put one in the billboard of my house (I live in an apartment house). I am going to do the same with Christmas cards.
And also, I will give a Christmas card to the social office, psychiatric centers, and the local dressmaker.

Once back home, I noticed that I had received two bills, one broadband and one phone bill, and a notification that there was a package waiting for me in the local post office.
I wondered if I should check out Tumblr or wash the dishes. I managed to wash the dishes, and then I had to leave to make it to the family group.

First I took a burned- out lightbulb to the supermarket for recycling, then I visited the library, and then I took a train to the Eastern part of my home town.

Once there, I drank two cups of coffee, ate a handful of grapes, a satsuma, and three chocolate chip cookies.

The subject of this week’s group was anti- psychotic medication. It was alright.

After the group, mom gave me some raspberry yoghurt- filled chocolates and we took the same train to the Western part of our home town.

I went to the post office to pick up the package, I knew it was from Schlitzie!

I went home and opened it, and practically bounced on the walls out of pure happiness!
There was a cute Pepper the Pinhead (the amazing character from the TV show American Horror Story) plushie key ring, two bars of lovely- smelling soap, a Tinkerbell the fairy- shaped silver- plated pendant, a pair of yellow Mexican- styled skull earrings, an Organik Orangutan wrist band and pin badge, and a kind of a totem necklace from New Zealand, and lots of yummy organic chocolate!

I managed to hoover the floor, including from under the furniture. I mopped the floor under the furniture and in the bathroom, cleaned the bathroom equipment, took the clean dishes from the drying cupboard and put them into the cupboard where I keep my dishes and cutlery.

Tomorrow I have to be awake early. The first thing to do is to go visit my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance and a CD that my brother had copied for me.
Then I will go to the gym, I will walk on the treadmill for thirty minutes at maximum, and then use every single one of the exercise machines.
Once back home, I will take a shower and then I will wash the laundry, including my gym clothes.
I will take my old carpet to a dry cleaner in the nearest shopping center, and visit the psychiatric clinic to renew my medicine prescription, and do some late shopping.

I will meet Mirette in downtown Helsinki, zie will keep me company until my Greyhound bus leaves.