October 19th, 2016


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I slept all the way to noon, considering that I had been awake for almost 30 hours so I had some sleep debt.

I had done intensive face muscle exercises last night, and when I woke up I noticed that my left cheek was tingling and felt a bit stiff. Fortunately it went over soon.

Grandmother shouted me awake when she was having lunch. I got up, took my morning medicine, had a wash, and dressed up, and joined her for lunch. I had carrot puree soup, and blueberry soup and coffee for dessert.

After lunch I went for a walk. I walked the usual route I walk on the first full day at my grandmother’s house; I walked through the forest right next to the lakeshore, and then walked through the cornfields to the rural area and then a road back to the city center.
I went to the local supermarket to buy a pump- action bottle of facial cleansing gel, and then I went to the pharmacy to buy a pump- action bottle of basic lotion. I am going to leave them to my grandmother’s home and use them the next time I will come for an overnight visit, probably in February.

Once back at grandmother’s home, we had lemon meringue pie that grandmother had baked all by herself. It was absolutely delicious! My grandmother sure knows how to cook food and bake treats.

I washed my earlobes, they were a bit crusty. I am thinking of starting to wash them every day.

I watched religious shows on TV with grandmother. We talked about how I want to help people, and I also told her that I am a very empathetic person and I don’t have the same trait like psychotherapists, when people tell me about their problems I usually feel really bad for them.
And it proved true when my grandmother told me about her breast cancer, how lonely she was and how there was no one to help her, and she started crying. I felt so bad for her that I almost started crying too, so I decided to go for a walk.

I went out again, this time I visited the local beauty shop where I bought a pair of white plastic slippers that you can wear while in the natatorium, so you won’t get any nasty infections in your feet.
I also bought a bunch of hair bands, so I can keep my hair tied back while washing my face. Another thing I bought was a piece of jewellery, a pink plastic strawberry pendant in a rubber string with pink plastic beads and smaller, darker pink plastic beads.

I went to the local grocery shop and bought a bunch of Fair Trade Pink Ribbon roses, bright pink with long stems, for my grandmother, she had her birthday last week and I still wanted to congratulate her. She was really happy when I gave them to her.

We had salmon soup for dinner, and blueberry soup for dessert.

I spent the rest of the evening writing my diary and knitting. I also joined Instagram, I am there by the name “kattidya”. I also posted a few photos.

Tomorrow I will go to the natatorium, where I will try out the new plastic slippers. Then I will go to the art museum.