October 21st, 2016


Back from my grandmother's

I still don’t remember what kind of dreams I had last night.
I woke up when my smartphone’s alarm clock rang at six o’clock in the morning. I snoozed for five minutes, got up, took my morning medicine, dressed up, washed the yellow muck out of the corners of my eyes, and had rice porridge with stewed strawberries, and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I tidied up grandmother’s bedroom where I sleep when visiting her (she sleeps on the sofa- bed).

I logged in to my online bank account, I had received the monthly allowance. I paid 20 dollars to my favourite artist Candys-Killer for a commission. Grandmother also gave me some money, and some dark grapes, home- made Karelian pies and two jars of home- made jam to take home.
When it was about to leave, I hugged her tight, kissed her and told her to take care of herself, and that I would say hello to my parents from her.

It was still dark when I walked to the Greyhound bus station, but I wasn’t scared or anything like that. It felt amazingly magical, considering that Halloween was coming, and besides it would be daylight in a few hours.

I caught the Greyhound bus to Helsinki, and spent most of the journey sleeping off my sleep debt. It was really a chore trying to find a comfortable recumbent position.
I woke up when the bus passed the town where I grew up. It was already bright outside, but the sky was enveloped by thick clouds.

Once back in Helsinki, I went to the nearest bank to withdraw cash.
I caught a train back home, on the way there an old person asked me if I had been travelling to some warm country, considering that I was carrying a suitcase, and I told hir that I had just visited my grandmother.

Once home, the first thing to do was to put the dirty clothes into the laundry basket, sort out the trash, check the mail I had received, and then I went shopping.

I went to the nearest supermarket and bought a Father’s Day card, four boxes of interdental brushes, a box of paper tissues, a bottle of shampoo, two boxes of panty liners, two boxes of AA batteries, a pair of rubber gloves, a spray bottle of air freshener, a roll of plastic trash bags, and some treats for the Halloween party I am hosting at my home tomorrow.

I also bought a birthday card for my father, and another birthday card for a Finnish friend, and five first- class postage stamps from the stationery shop. I went to Flying Tiger and bought disposable cups and plates.

Once back home, I put all my new belongings to their rightful places, and soon I was off again. I mailed a birthday card to a friend and went to the social office to drop off the bills I had received, and I also used the common computer to print the ticket to the fair where I am going on Sunday.
I visited the library, and then I went to see my mother. I called her and said I am coming over, she said it’s alright.
Once at my parents’ home, I drank coffee and orange juice and ate a tomato and a handful of cashew nuts. I gave my mother the quilt square I had finished.

I decided to walk back home since the weather was nice, the air was chilly and crisp and there was a satisfying amount of colourful leaves on the ground.
I went to visit the supermarket again and bought a toilet brush and a bottle of toilet cleaner, and some more candy for the party, and a bunch of pink roses to give to my mother.

Once back home, I cut the bottom ends off the rose stems and put them into a vase, and then I arranged the candies into cute bowls. I also washed a load of laundry, including my new gloves, and three coats and scarves.

Tomorrow I am hosting a Halloween party at my home, here’s to hoping it will be a success.