October 25th, 2016


PMS-ing like whoa!

This morning I had absolutely horrid nightmares; if you have seen the Doctor Who episode Crimson Horror, you know what I am talking about; in the dream a devilish woman drowned me in some sort of a crimson poison, and turned me into a hat(!). It kind of reminded me of the book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat by Oliver Sacks.

In another nightmare I was stuck in the cellar of some sort of an apartment building, and tried to avoid radioactive monsters, it was like in that PlayStation game series Silent Hill.

In another nightmare I was a boy who was stuck in some sort of a boot camp for naughty boys; I was forced to play football with the others, and I attempted to escape; I ran from the football field, but every time I ran past the gates, there was another field, and another, and another, and another

But the last nightmare was absolutely the worst; Donald Trump won the presidential election!
The last dream wasn’t exactly a nightmare, but it was just as annoying; it was snowing and I was raging about how there was white shit everywhere!

Nevertheless, when I woke up and realized that I was safe at my own home, I was relieved.

My smartphone rang when I was fantasizing about Matt Smith’s abnormally large chin, it was my mommy dearest who called me and asked if we could see in a couple of hours in the Big Mole shopping center, she was going to give me the weekly allowance.

It motivated me enough to get up from my bed, take my morning medicine, brush my teeth, take a shower, and I dressed into a long, flowing skirt and a grey hoodie with the words "Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You" embroidered on the front.

Me and mom met in the bus station. She bought me a Fazermint chocolate bar, and gave me twenty euros.

I went to the supermarket and bought two rolls of Scotch tape, and a ball of multi-coloured woolly yarn, with light blue, bright blue, pink, red, and turquoise stripes.

I went home and put everything into their rightful places, and decided to change clothes; I put on a pair of simple, sleek black trousers, and a blouse. I also put on a necklace.

Then I went to see my mother again, we were heading to a hobby group for mentally challenged people and their families.

We met in the train station, took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to Grass Cape, and then walked to Lapland Cape.

I didn’t have to do anything fancy, I just drank coffee and wrote into my diary.
Kata asked me if I wanted to write a poem or an aphorism considering the subject of loneliness; I thought about it for a moment, and wrote “A stranger is just a friend whom you haven’t befriended yet”.

After that, me and my mom went back to the city center, mom went home on a train and I took the bus ££@ to Nut Hill and went to the Late Winds hobby group.

I had been in a bad mood all day, I guess it’s my PMS. It really sucks when after the bloody hell ends, I have one week of lucidity and then my PMS starts again, boo yah.

I got two packets of oat bread, it tasted heavenly with a cup of cocoa.

I stayed all the way until closing time, and then I took the bus £!! back to Mole Hill and went to the Big Mole shopping center to look at the Xmas stuff, then I went to the post office to buy a Medium- sized cardboard box; I think its big enough. I am going to send my friend Zoya a Halloween gift package, just like zie sent me.
I also fetched a package I ordered from an online shop. Incidentally, it’s going to be a Halloween gift for the aforementioned friend.

Once back home, I was so thirsty that I drank a liter of water. Then I took the gift out of the jiffy bag, and put it along with the other Halloween gifts into the cardboard box, and wrote mine and hir addresses on it.

Over the course of the evening I almost blew another fuse because my nose itched like hell. I really should go to the doctor about it.

Tomorrow I will receive money; I must pay the partial payment for ordering the penguin costume, pay the monthly gym membership, pay for my Netflix and Spotify Premium subscription, pay 20 dollars to Candys-Killer, and purchase a ticket for the Licorice & Salmiakki festival.
My mother will take me shopping in the morning, we will buy a new winter coat and probably a pair of winter shoes as well. I will buy a week’s worth of food from the supermarket, and I am also going to buy two big packages of toilet paper, and another two big packages of household paper from the dollar store.
If I have enough money after that, I will go see the movie Syysprinssi.
In the evening I will go to the gym, and work out as usual; first I will walk on the treadmill for half an hour at maximum, and then I will use every single one of the exercise machines.
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Daily deeds

Counting my blessings:
😍 I managed to brush my teeth and take a shower
😍 Mom gave me a bar of Fazermint chocolate, and some money
😍 I went to two hang- out places today and had a good time

😍 I bought some new knitting yarn
😍 Swooned at the Xmas stuff in the stationery shop
😍 Received a mail- order package which is a Halloween gift for sweetcarolanne

Food intake:
🍊 One bar of mint fondant filled chocolate

🍊 Two pieces of nougat- filled chocolate
🍊 A handful of dark grapes
🍊 Four slices of buttered oat bread
🍊 Four cups of coffee with milk and sugar
🍊 Two cups of cocoa
🍊 Four bottles of iced espresso

🚿 Flossed and brushed my teeth, and used mouthwash

🚿 Washed my hair and body and face
🚿 Dabbed cortisone lotion on my wrist

💲 A spool of knitting yarn
💲 Two rolls of translucent tape
💲 A cardboard box for mailing a gift to sweetcarolanne

Good deeds:
🎗 When I visited the stationery shop, another customer toppled a pile of books and I helped hir put them back on the counter.