October 30th, 2016


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Yesterday I went to the Licorice & Salmiakki festival with my friend Mirette. It was amazing, but it could have been more amazing if the center had not been so crowded. Nevertheless, I managed to have a taste of salty licorice crisps and many other products, and Mirette bought a new purse.

We also visited an art museum, there was an art show by Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese contemporary artist. She is mentally ill, and uses her delusions as an inspiration for her art. I think her art is gorgeous. 

We went over to Mirette’s place to have dinner, I had a bowl of microwaveable tomato- and- lentil soup, it was delicious and also healthy. Mirette had spaghetti Bolognese.
We collected some of Mirette’s stuff and went over to my place for a sleepover. We had French fries and mozzarella sticks for supper, it was unhealthy but also delicious.

Last night I had a dream where I tried to walk from my grandmother’s home to my home.
In the morning I woke up to the sensation of my urine bladder bulging through my stomach, I had a quick pee and then I went back to bed. I felt weird, as I usually feel when I am between the dream and reality.

Today the clocks were turned to daylight savings time. I didn’t have to turn my laptop’s and smartphone’s clock, because they were turned automatically.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come for a visit, she didn’t answer but she called me back later when me and Mirette were having a nap. She told me I can come over, so I got up, arranged my stuff a bit, opened the kitchen window and balcony door to let fresh air in, and then I was off.

Mirette took a train, I walked to my parents’ home and admired the autumnal landscape. I was in a slightly bad mood because the delusions were bothering me, as they usually are.

Once at my parents’ home, me and mom had coffee and I gave mom one of the quilt squares I had knitted.
Suavecita called me, we talked for a while about the Halloween party at Heidi’s next week.

Later the day I decided to leave, I walked to the city center and took a bus back home.

I went to the gym today, but I didn’t feel like staying long. I managed to walk on the treadmill for about fifteen minutes, and use most of the exercise machines.
It’s very peculiar, no matter how much I go for walks or go to the gym or natatorium, my overall condition just doesn’t get better.

Once back home, I washed three loads of laundry and took a shower. After putting on a clean nightie, I felt so much better.

Tomorrow I will go to the family group with my mother.
I also need to finish the weekly housework; I didn’t get much done during the weekend because I was so busy with everything else. I need to hoover and mop the floor and iron the laundry that has been sitting around for about a week by now. I also need to take out the recycling and take a bag of unwanted stuff to a charity shop.