November 1st, 2016


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Yesterday evening when I went to bed, I was struck by a thought I have never had. I was thinking about how people never actually notice it when they fall asleep. Oh well, I don’t know how to explain it, it was simply one of my weird thoughts.

I had a dream about visiting the summer cottage with my parents and brother, and in the dream I was actually happy that I have finally arrived there after having so many dreams about it.
Then I woke up, and you can only guess how frustrated I was at my own subconscious trolling me, boo yah.

I got up at midday and took my morning medicine, I didn’t bother with having a wash. I put on a pair of Hello Kitty pyjama pants and a black- and- purple striped shirt.
I logged in to my online bank account and what do you know, I had received the weekly allowance, even if I usually receive it on Wednesdays.

I paid for the monthly gym membership fee, and sent 20 US dollars through PayPal to my artist friend Candys-Killer for a commission.
At least I tried to purchase myself a mobile ticket for the movie Hamlet, but I learned that there are only two seats left in the theater, either a wheelchair seat or a children’s seat, and I cannot use neither of them.
I guess I can’t go see the movie, but that’s not the end of the world. At least I managed to save the amount of the movie ticket.

I called my mother and told her I am coming over, but she said she was doing some charity work, so we agreed that we are going to meet in a couple of hours so she can give me the weekly allowance.

I went to the shopping center to kill time and buy some things.
I visited the supermarket and bought two cans of microwaveable tomato- lentil soup, a big box of paper tissues, a lip balm, and a box of interdental brushes.
I also bought another lip balm from the pharmacy, and visited the stationery shop to buy two notebooks, five greeting cards and the same amount of first- class postage stamps and Priority stickers, and also a roll of red rose- patterned gift- wrapping paper.

I met my mother, she gave me the weekly allowance which is 20 euros. I went home, put the new stuff to their rightful places, had some coffee, and surfed on the Internet.

Later the day I went to see the parish worker. First I took a bag of old stuff to a charity shop container, then I returned some books to the library, then I recycled some empty bottles.
I didn’t feel like walking, so I took a train to the next stop and went to the parish.
Me and the parish worker managed to have a nice talk for about an hour. After that I took a train back, and then went to the shopping center to look for gifts to give to my friends.

Once back home, I warmed some soup in the microwave oven and ate some of the salty licorice chocolate I had bought from a discount at the candy shop.

I would really, really love to give gifts to my parents and brother, but we have already agreed not to give any gifts to each other; it’s just that when me and my brother were kids, it was all too easy to buy just random toys and crayons and stuff.

Tomorrow I will go to two charity happenings where they give free groceries to low- income people, one in my old hometown and one in my current hometown.
I will also go to the movies to see this Finnish children’s Christmas themed movie with Emjuso and Mirette.