November 2nd, 2016


Put some cinnamon in your armpit!

This morning I was already awake when my smartphone’s alarm clock rang at quarter to eleven o’clock, I snoozed for five minutes and then I got up.
I was supposed to go to this happening in my old hometown where they give free food to low- income people.

I put on my purple Dirndl dress, and a baseball shirt over the dress. I didn’t bother with having a wash or putting on jewellery, but I remembered to take my morning medicine.

It had snowed during the night, so I guess it’s winter now. It was still snowing when I went out.

I took a bus to my old hometown, but what do you know, the happening was already over and they were already packing the rest of the food and the containers and tables.
I asked the charity worker if the happening was supposed to be at midday, and she said no, so I guess I had gotten the information wrong. They told me to come again on Friday.

I felt a bit down in the dumps when I shuffled to my parents’ home.
Mom gave me 20 euros, and we had coffee and salty licorice- flavoured chocolate waffles.

I left at the same time when my mom went grocery shopping. I took a bus to my current hometown, and I went to the same kind of happening where they give free groceries; it was held by a Christian community, we sang hymns and prayed. Even if I am not religious or even spiritual, I appreciate the charity work. And besides, most Finnish Christians are actually very kind.

I was surprised at how much groceries I got; milk, yoghurt, orange juice, bread, cheese, butter and vegetables. I also got two chicken bagels and some microwaveable meals with meat in them, I guess I will give them to my friends.

I took the groceries home and went to the local movie theater.
Me and my friends Emjuso and Mirette were supposed to go see a Finnish Christmas themed kids’ movie, but everything was a bit muddled because the trains were late because of the snowy chaos, so Mirette didn’t make it to the movies.
So in the end, I paid for Emjuso’s ticket, she got to see the movie, and me and Mirette agreed to go see the same movie next Tuesday, so everything turned out peachy.

Me and Mirette went to my home, and Emjuso came to visit us later. We had tea and coffee, talked about stuff, and had a good time.

Later the day me and Mirette decided to go to Helsinki for a little discreet shopping; we asked Emjuso to come with us, but she was a bit tired so she went home. We hugged her and told her to take care, we would meet again on Friday.

I asked Mirette if I can have a sleepover at her place, she said I can. I took along my laptop, and I also grabbed my nightie and a spare bottle of Garnier olive oil shampoo and the bar of Organik Orangutan soap I had received as a Halloween present from Zoya.
We took a bus to Helsinki. We went to visit different clothing shops; Monki, Hennes & Mauritz, Gina Tricot, and our favourite vintage thrift shops, and had a good time as well. I was so busy being happy that I didn’t notice if I was cold or hot or if my backpack was heavy.

We went over to Mirette’s home, the reason why I was going to stay overnight was because was planning that tomorrow I would go to this chapel where they give away free food to low- income people, it was supposed to be held in Helsinki so I only needed to take a subway. It would be a longer ride from my home.

The happening was supposed to be at midday, but I read at their webpage that this week’s happening was supposed to be at half past nine o’clock in the morning. There’s no way I can go there that early, so I decided to skip it.

Nevertheless, me and Mirette had a good time; I ate my favourite tomato- lentil soup, and we both ate mozzarella sticks.
I took a shower and brushed my teeth.

Tomorrow I would go to the psychiatric center in Helsinki, to see Mella and Kata. If I have enough time, I will go to the gym.