November 4th, 2016


(no subject)

I had decided not to go to the chapel this morning, because the happening where they distribute free groceries had been moved to half past nine o’clock in the morning and it was too early in my standards.

After getting up, I put on my cruddy clothes I had worn yesterday, and took my morning medicine.

I logged in to the online bank service to check out the balance of my account, the way I always do in the mornings. And what do you know, I had received money.
I realized that my current social worker had given me two months’ worth of the gym membership fees, she had agreed to give me money to pay them but had transferred them to my old bank account.
I had to pay the Spotify Premium fee, and my bank account usage fees, but I still had some lovely lolly left. 

I left at the same time with Mirette, who was heading to school. We caught a bus, and I got off a couple of stops later after she had gotten off.

I took a train home, and went to the supermarket to buy a box of interdental toothbrushes and a roll of biodegradable trash bags, and some sweet treats.

I went home, took a shower and put on some fresher clothes, and then I was off again.

I took a bus to Helsinki, and a tram to the psychiatric center.

I had a good time, eating cinnamon rolls and drinking coffee and writing into my diary.

In the evening I walked back to the city center and took a train back home.

I felt really weird; I felt like I was high on caffeine, but I still managed to go to sleep.