November 9th, 2016


(no subject)

I had a dream where Donald Trump won the US presidential election. Little did I know that that nightmare came true,

In another dream I lived in a fancy apartment in the center of my old hometown, and I had a feeling I liked it better than my current apartment.

In another dream I watched my life like a movie, it was a B- class Cinderella story.

In even another dream I travelled to ancient Egypt in the TARDIS, and later I told River Song that I had been announced the “Sleeping Queen of the Nile” because the heat made me so dizzy that I just slept all the time.

After getting up, it was only quarter past nine o’clock in the morning, that is, earlier than usual.
I took my morning medicine and dressed up into my purple Dirndl dress and a stripy blouse because they were the ones that were already dry on the rack.

I logged in to the online bank service, paid 20 US dollars to Luisita, then I was off.

I went to the shopping center and withdrew cash at an ATM machine. I didn’t feel like travelling all the way to Stick City in the snowstorm

I went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of alcohol- free mouthwash, a big packet of household paper, a carton of milk, a box of butter, a packet of rye bread, a box of chocolate confections, and the manga version of the BBC Sherlock episode Study in Pink.

Once back home, I put everything to their rightful places, and then I was off again.
I bought four greeting cards, two of them birthday cards and two of them name- day cards, and three magic ink pens; one purple, one green, and one black.
Then I went back home again.

I took the laundry off the drying rack, sorted it to ironable and non- ironable, and put the ironable laundry on the ironing board and the non- ironable was folded into my cupboard.

I also washed my hair, and booked an appointment with my favourite hairdresser for next week; I will have the tops of my hair cut evenly by layers, and also have my scalp massaged.

I went out for more errands; I took two bills to the social office, then I took a train to Stick City, and visited the bank to withdraw the rest of the money in my bank account.
I also asked them if I can deposit a few coins worth one and two cents, but the teller told me that Finnish banks won’t accept that kind of coins. So I threw them in the bin, I’ve got no other use for them. They’re just small round pieces of tin.

I went back home on a train, and went to the library and bought some old CDs and three Finnish comic books that had been disqualified or whatever’s the proper word for it.

I had taken my diary along, and the hard covers had torn off. I decided to start a new diary.

I was supposed to go meet my friend Mirette, so I caught a train to Hell City and a subway to Heart Cape.
Once at Mirette’s home, she baked some margarita pizza for us, and we just sat around, laughing and joking and I also helped her tidy up her apartment.

It was already dark when we left. We caught a subway downtown, and went to our favorite shopping center and visited our favorite clothing & jewellery shops.

Then we went thrift store prowlin’, and I was really sad to see that they had one of those discount sales again; on this week’s Monday, all clothes cost seven euros apiece, and on next week’s Saturday, everything is an euro apiece.
Which basically means that all the clothes I had planned to buy were already sold out. But then again, after the discount sale is over, there will be more amazing clothes.

Mirette bought me a pink dress with dark brown details, it’s made of merino wool. I will pay her back next week.

After the thrift store routine, we went to Alepa and bought something to drink, we were both a bit thirsty.

We went over to Mirette’s home and decided to have a sleepover because it was already late.
I took my evening medicine, surfed on the Internet, read the Sherlock manga, wrote into my new diary; it was about midnight when I finally crashed and went to bed.

I got my period today.