November 10th, 2016


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I had a sleepover at Mirette’s home, because we were out late last night and I didn’t feel like going back home.

My yellow panties had a huge period blood stain in the butt, I really should buy some stain remover and perhaps some new panties.

About at midday I got up, took my morning medicine, dressed into yesterday’s clothes, collected my stuff, and then I left. It still felt like early morning.

I took a subway to the city center and then a train to Mole Hill, and went home.
I changed my clothes and used a MoonCup, and then I took a nap.

Later the day I went to this appointment in the psychiatric center; I took part in this research about the genetics of people who have schizophrenia.
I gave them some forms I had filled out, they asked a few questions about how well I did in grade school, made me do some hand/eye co-ordination & memory tests on an iPad, measured my height, weight, and my waistline, and took a blood sample.

The people doing the research were two youngish women, who were really nice and polite. I was happy that there are so many nice and polite people working with mentally ill people.
Sometimes I am actually surprised that people working with mentally ill people are actually nice and polite, I guess I am used to them being nasty and impolite.

They gave me a gift card worth 20 euros for my partaking in the research.

I went to S- Market in high spirits, and bought two boxes of chocolate and a few bottles of iced coffee. Now that I think about it, I could have bought something else, but I didn’t know what else I should buy, I have already got enough hygiene products and food.

Once back home, I enjoyed my well- deserved treats, and soon I felt bored.

I decided to go to Lappish Spring again, there was some sort of a group today and I didn’t feel like staying home.

I took a train to Hell City, and walked to Lappish Cape. It was already getting dusky, but fortunately it didn’t snow, and I felt like my cheeks were glowing.

Once at the Spring, I did the usual things; talked with the others, drank some coffee and ate a few chocolate chip cookies.

After I left, I walked to Grass Cape, took a subway to the city center, caught the bus ¤”! to Martin Valley, and the bus ##% to Mole Hill.

I went to the library to pick up my requests, then I went back home.

I washed two loads of laundry, and took my gym clothes to the downstairs drying room; I need them to be ready tomorrow when I go to the gym again. I hope I will be able to focus on working out now that my PMS is over.

My scalp itched a lot, so I made the decision to rub Bemetson emulsion on it once a day for three weeks, fortunately I still have two bottles of the emulsion left in my fridge.

Tomorrow the first thing to do is to take the sheets off my bed and put the mattress, pillow, and blanket to the balcony; replace the towels with clean ones, and then wash the week- old towels and sheets.
My H&O worker will visit me at half past one in the afternoon, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
After that I will go visit my mother, then I will go to the gym and work out; walk on the treadmill as long as I can, and then use every single one of the exercise machines. I have been neglecting my physical health long enough for now. 
I have decided that I am never going to start losing weight, except if I start weighing so much that it bothers my health.