November 12th, 2016


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I slept on my sofa- bed last night, because the mattress, pillow, and blanket I keep in my own bed, were in the balcony. I have taken up the habit of leaving those things to the balcony every night between Friday and Saturday, so they will freshen up.

I had a nice dream where me and the sideshow performers from the movie Freaks were in a subway train in Kellokoski, where I spent a great deal of my life in the mental hospital. The train was driven by the 11th Doctor Who.

After getting up, I took my morning medicine and dressed up, and went back to bed.

About at one o'clock in the afternoon my mother called me and told me that we had to cancel the sleepover; I had planned to visit my parents for one night, but she told me that she had so many things to take care of and she was getting tired. I understood it.

I went back to the sofa- bed to take a nap and slept all the way to the afternoon. I wondered why I was feeling so sleepy.

I had agreed to hang out with my friend Suavecita today, she called me and told me that she was waiting for me in the shopping center.

I got up, put on my winter boots and coat, and forgot my scarf. Fortunately it wasn't too cold outside.

Me and Suavecita went to Bella's flea market, she bought a couple of articles of clothing, and then we went to the supermarket where she bought me a bottle of iced coffee to perk me up, I was still a bit groggy and I was yawning so hard that it looked like I was about to swallow the whole shopping center. She also bought me a bag of sugar because I had run out of it, and bought a Father's day card; it's celebrated on the second Sunday of November in Finland. She also did some errands for her uncle.

We went to her car to put the purchases into the trunk and pick up a box of her famous home- baked brownies.

Then we went over to my place, Suavecita played Pokémon Go, and once at my home, she brewed some tea and we ate the brownies, cuddled and joked and recalled memories, and I felt a bit uncomfortable because I had put my MoonCup inside me all wrong and it felt a bit nasty, so I put a sanitary pad into my panties.

After Suavecita left, I went to another supermarket and bought a bottle of iced coffee, then I went to the shopping center and swooned at all the Christmas stuff. I feel like the Christmas spirit has already touched me. It feels like I simply cannot feel sad or mad or bad, because Christmas (and my 28th birthday!) is coming.

Once back home, I started a new diary because I got sick of the flimsy notebook. I prefer those hardcover Geepap ones, even if this one didn't have those nifty lines in it to make writing easier. Boo yah.

I took out the trash, hoovered the visible part of the floor, kept the window open to let some fresh air in, and fetched the pillow, blanket, and mattress from the balcony. I hoovered my bed and mattress, fluffed up the blanket and pillow, and put fresh sheets into my bed.

I also sorted out the laundry, the ones that I am going to iron were put on the ironing board, and the rest were folded and put into the cupboard.

In the evening I managed to have a proper wash after taking my evening medicine, and then I went to bed. It felt all nice and soft because I had put fresh, clean sheets into my bed.

Tomorrow I will continue housework, I will also go visit my parents to celebrate Father's day and give them the roses I bought on Friday.

I might also go to the gym; I have decided not to go to the natatorium anymore, because it makes me recall all the bad memories from the gym class in junior high, and besides, I can never manage to swim more than a hundred meters and then I am already out of breath. I might start going swimming again after my physical condition gets better.