November 14th, 2016


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I woke up early in the morning to go pee, I guess that’s what happens when you drink four cups of tea before bed time. But hey, sweet peppermint tea just tastes so good.

I knew I was supposed to go see my mother at midday, but my bed simply felt so nice and I had so many amazing dreams that I didn’t feel like getting up.
I dreamed of my sophomore years in school, and watching the Apollo spacecraft take off, and being in this amazing labyrinth- like art museum.

I managed to get up, take my morning medicine, put on some clothes, and by then mom called me and asked if I am coming over or not. I told her I was just leaving, which wasn’t exactly a lie, not even a white one.

I took the bus %/! to my parents’ home. Mom was really happy for the roses, she immediately put them into a vase in the living room and we both admired them.

We had coffee, and then we both had to leave because mom was going to do some volunteer work.

It was a nice, balmy weather. I knew that the temperature was getting warmer and soon all the snow would melt, or at least I hope so, I’m sick of snow.

We took the same bus %&% to Myyr York, after getting off the bus we went our own ways.

Once home, I took a shower and washed my hair and dabbed lotion on my skin, then I rubbed the cortisone emulsion into my scalp and the cortisone lotion on my wrist.
I also washed a load of laundry.

Later the day I took a train to Stick City. Today’s family group session was about mindfulness, and today was also the last time the family group was assembled.
I have decided to start doing mindfulness. My own nurse Saija held the group today, and we both agreed that she is going to teach me mindfulness on our next appointment.

After the session, me and my mother took the same train to south.
I told mom that I will come over tomorrow to pick up the monthly allowance, and she said that she is going to give me the money today.

We got off at Martin Valley, mom withdrew the money for me at a cash point, and I took the bus ##% to Myyr York.

First I went to the post office and bought ten first class postage stamps.
Then I went to the pharmacy and bought three lip balms and six pump- action bottles of Aqualan Plus.

I went to the stationery shop, and bought two diaries, two magic ink pens (one black and one purple), and another ten first class postage stamps.

I also went to the department store and I almost bounced on the walls out of pure happiness when I noticed that they have those small red Finlayson towels with a white heart pattern in discount; one towel cost three euros, while normally it would have cost 5 euros and 95 cents. I have wanted those towels for a long time, for my overnight visitors as face towels. I bought three of them.

I also went to the hardware store and bought a reflective vest for myself.

I went home with my heavy shopping bag. Once there, I put everything to their rightful places.
I put postage stamps and Priority stickers on this month’s birthday and name- day cards, and put two stamps into each card that is mailed outside of my home country.
I didn’t know how many stamps I need to put to Zoya’s Halloween gift package that is going to be a tad bit late; I will visit the post office tomorrow and ask them.

I cut the price tags off the towels and washed them, and hung them on the drying rack with the laundry I had washed today. I had to open the kitchenette window because the air inside turned a bit damp.

I took the diaries out of their plastic covers and took them downstairs to the storage room where I keep my diaries, and put the magic ink pens into my pencil case. I really should start buying at least two of the same pens each payday, because I use them a lot.

The basic lotion bottles and lip balms were put into the kitchen cupboard where I stock my hygiene products.
I had already taken the reflective vest out of the package and put it over my winter coat.

Tomorrow I will go see my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance. In the afternoon I will go thrift store prowlin’ with Mirette.
At some point I should also finish this week’s housework.