November 22nd, 2016


Patrick Troughton dreams (´3`)

I woke up in the middle of my Patrick Troughton dreams to a slight chill of headache.
I got up and took my morning medicine, and dressed up into the dress I bought last week at a discount sale from one of my favourite thrift stores.

Before I checked the balance of my account in the online bank service, I paid for Spotify Premium for one month, and my LiveJournal account for one year. I also paid 25 U.S. dollars to my artist friend Candys-Killer, and I was also thinking of ordering something from, but I decided not to because I didn’t want to waste all the money before I had even checked the balance.

I went to the supermarket to buy some hygiene products and some nosh.

I also visited the library to pick up two of my requests, the Jacqueline Wilson book Cookie and the Darren Shan book Cirque Du Freak: Vampire’s Assistant. I have decided to read every single one of the Jacqueline Wilson books that are available in the library service, either in Finnish or English, and I have also been interested in the Cirque Du Freak books ever since I saw the movie based on them on Netflix. I read a few of the books when I was in junior high.

Later the day I went to the hairdresser and had my hair washed before it was completely shaved off. Yep. I also received scalp massage.
I wanted my hair to be shaved off because I need to treat the myriad of skin problems on my scalp, such as pimples and eczema. I also want to grow my old hair colour back.

I talked a bit with the student who cut my hair, I told her I keep a blog and she said she would like to read it, so I gave her the address of my Finnish journal at

I went home and did some housework, later the day I went to the Late Winds hobby group.
Irina suggested that the theme of today’s group is that Eija drives us to Henhouse where we could go to some shops. I agreed, so we all packed in her car and she drove us to the local shopping center.

Right next to the sliding doors, there were these nifty dispensers where you put in a two- euro coin and receive a gift. I got this figure of a tiny cat sleeping on a sateen pillow, and six finger rings before I received one that I had been looking for, a gold- plated ring with a bright red plastic jewel. I will give the rest of the cheapo rings to a charity shop.

We went to a department store, I swooned at the amazing stuff and decided to go shop there later.

Eija drove us back to Nut Hill, where I caught the bus %/! to Troll Mountain. I called mom on my way there and told her that I am coming over and that I have shaved my hair, and she just giggled.
Once she came to answer the door, she was all “Oh goodness gracious me” to the point where she annoyed me.
Mom gave me 20 euros, and I took the next bus to Myyr York and went to the supermarket Small Mole shopping center and bought some groceries.

Once back home, I warmed myself some tomato- and- goat cheese soup, and at nine o’clock pm I took my evening medicine, brushed my teeth, and went to bed.

Tomorrow I will receive the weekly allowance, I have to pay the monthly fee to the gym membership and buy a week’s worth of groceries and some hygiene products. I will also go to the Mental Health Fair in Helsinki.