November 25th, 2016


Girls' day out!

Yesterday Girls’ House was closed, so I went over to Mirette’s home to hang out with her. We ate crisps and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
After I left, I took a bus to Pasila, then a tram to Sörnäinen, then a subway to the Central Railway Station, then a tram to Iso- Roba and visited the local thrift store’s vintage department.
I practically swooned when I saw all the gorgeous clothes in their new selection; a long red cotton skirt with a daisy pattern (actually it was one of those old- fashioned aprons, but I could take it to the dressmaker’s to fashion it into a dress), a blue Dirndl dress (the hem was a bit long and the bodice was a bit tight, but I can ask the dressmaker to cut some of the cloth from the hem and sew it around the bodice), a dark blue dress with tiny white flower pattern and pink edges, and a 1990’s neon sweater.
I also went to another vintage thrift shop in Freda, and added a denim dress and some adorable jumpers to my shopping list.
I have decided to go back to those aforementioned thrift stores on Tuesday, and ask the shop assistant to set the aforementioned clothes aside so I can buy them on Wednesday.

I am going to receive more money next week; I will receive my tax refund (21 something euros) on 29th day (usually in Finland, tax refunds are received near the Independence day that is December 6th, but this year is a exception), the weekly allowance from my mother on Tuesday (a crisp 20 euro bill) and the “gym membership fee” (19.90 euros that my social worker gives me every 26th day or the next bank day so I can pay my gym membership fee every month. Except that I usually pay it with my own money so I can spend the money on something else).

I walked to Kamppi and took a bus to Kannelmäki, and then a train home.
Once back home, I ironed all my towels that had been waiting for an ironing for two weeks by now. I also took my evening medicine and managed to have a proper wash.

I had set my alarm clock to ring at one o’clock in the afternoon so I would be awake early before my H&O worker comes to visit me, but I managed to get up twenty minutes to one o’clock.

I took my morning medicine and then I turned on my laptop, I logged in to the online bank service to check out the balance of my account. I hadn’t received money, even if I am supposed to receive 19,90 euros every 26th day, but this month it would be a Saturday.

I was so disappointed that I lost my motivation to have a proper wash, so I just threw on some clothes and dabbed basic lotion on my face. 

My H&O worker came to visit me, while she was over I replaced the towels, washed the dishes, and ironed at least half of the clothes. I also stripped my bed of the bed sheets and took the mattress, blanket, and pillow to the blanket for the night to freshen them.

Later the day we both left at the same time. I went to visit my mother, so I took the bus %/! to Troll Mountain.

Mom told me that my hair has grown longer. She made me some coffee and gave me extra twenty euros that I had asked for, because I am going to the movies tomorrow with some of my friends.

I decided to walk back home because the weather was lovely. Once there, I returned a book to the library and mailed two greeting cards, one name- day and one birthday card, and visited the shopping center to swoon at the Christmas stuff.

Once back home, I took out the recycling and cleaned the bathroom mirror.

Mirette came over to my home, we were going to have a sleepover because tomorrow we have to make it to a bus that leaves early in the morning; we are going to visit Eleclya and go to the movies to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Suavecita will come as well.

We went to the supermarket in the Small Mole shopping center. Mirette bought us Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Half Baked for me, Cookie Dough for her, and some margarita pizza ingredients. She also bought me two new pillows that cost a fiver, I will pay her back next week.

Once back home, we ate lots of treats and I managed to wash five loads of laundry today; first the towels and bed linen, then the important clothes like nightshirts and underwear, then regular clothes like trousers and blouses, then the new pillows, and three plastic canvas bags where I keep the cardboard, paper, and metal waste.

I set my alarm clock to ring at half past nine o’clock in the morning; we will go buy some treats, and take the bus %/! to Eleclya’s home, and then we will go to the local movie theater to see the new Harry Potter spin- off movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.