December 5th, 2016


Updating from my parents' home :)

Last night I slept on the sofa- bed because my mattress, blanket, and pillow were in the balcony. I leave them there every weekend to get them freshened, until I hoover my bed and the mattress and dress my bed in fresh sheets.

I had dreams about Doctor Who, and woke up when my mail slot clattered. I went to see, it was a Halloween card from Sandy! It was a tad bit late but it made me immensely happy.

After getting up, I took my morning medicine, had a wash, and dressed into the peasant dress I bought from a thrift store last week.

After a while, I left and took the train to Pole and went to Pearl House. I wrote into my diary, and drank a few cups of coffee while the workers and other visitors made Christmas cards.

I took a tram to the Senate Square and walked to the city center. I called my mother and asked her if I can come over later today; she said it's alright, but she won't be home until evening.

I took the bus #”” to Wanda River, then the bus %&% to Myyr York. I went to the department store and bought myself a mint- chocolate pudding.

Once back home, I was feeling a bit down in the dumps but I still managed to wash one load of laundry, and take the dry laundry off the drying rack and sort them into them that I am going to iron, and the rest were folded neatly into my cupboard.

Later the evening I went to see my mother. I took the bus %/! to my parents' home.

Me and my mother agreed that I can have a sleepover at them tonight, because we have been planning to have one for a while now, and besides, it was getting late, and it was dark and cold outside.

Tomorrow I will pop back home in the morning to gather some stuff, and in the afternoon me and mom will go to the cemetary in Helsinki to leave some flowers at my grandparents' grave. Tomorrow is also the 99th Independence Day of Finland.
I might not go to Late Winds in the afternoon, it's probably closed.