December 14th, 2016


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Thank you, my wonderful awesome cutie friend Schlitzie Ramone! 😊

I received the Christmas/birthday package in the mail today. Right after receiving the notification about the package, I dashed to the post office and practically threw cartwheels out of pure happiness! ^3^

I received the following gifts:

🦋 Tiny and cute Kuwi the kiwi- bird plushie
🦋 New Zealand themed colouring book
🦋 Four small satchels of yummy flavoured coffee drink powder; two salted caramels, one cappuccino and one mocha
🦋 Bar of chocolate that tasted wonderfully spicy
🦋 Two bars of Organik Orangutan soap
🦋 A pink plastic compact mirror/hairbrush with a picture of a unicorn
🦋 Three pairs of amazing cute ankle socks
🦋 Cellphone charm with a silver- plated picture of a Chinese dragon, which is my Zodiac sign
🦋 Two badges, one with Hello Pirate Kitty and another Harambe, Never Forget
🦋 Hello Kitty jewellery set with a necklace, bracelet, and a finger ring
🦋 Jewelry- making set where you can make a small star charm out of orange rubber bands
🦋 Two stud earrings in the shape of red and green strawberries
🦋 Silver- plated Cheshire cat pendant necklace

I don't remember if there were more, but anyway, I loved each and every single one of the gifts and I shall cherish them :3c