December 15th, 2016


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I slept on the sofa- bed during the night between Friday and Sunday, because my mattress, blanket, and pillow were on the balcony like every weekend. I hoped that the bitter cold would freshen them and kill the dust mites and bed bugs, if there were any.

In the morning I had to get up every once in a while to look at the clock, until I got up at noon.
I took my morning medicine, had a wash, ate a breakfast, and put on a pair of Christmassy Pusheen the cat leggings, and my grey and black Ramones fan shirt.

I went to the shopping mall to return some bottles, and I ran into Laufey and Vilimitja on the way. I said hello to them both and hugged them, and told them to take care and have fun during the holidays.

Later the day I took a train to Stone City, where Eleclya and Mirette arrived as well. Later Suavecita picked us up on her car and drove us to her house, where we had lunch; sweet potato mash, chocolate pudding, and salt crackers. We drank coffee and cocoa.

Later the day when we walked to Suavecita's car, an unfortunate thing happened; Suavecita’s German shepherd Jofa bit Mirette’s elbow so hard it bled, and she got scared. Fortunately I had band- aids in my backpack, and we told Mirette that she could have a sleep- over at my home, and tomorrow I would take her to the emergency room, and before that we would have a merry time at Heidi's pre- Christmas party and eat delicious treats and meet our friends.

Once at Heidi’s pre-Christmas party, we hugged and kissed Mirette, and ate lots of tasty treats, took photos, listened to heavy metal versions of Finnish Christmas carols, and had a good time. She felt better too.
There were Suski and Ansku, along with Heidi and her fianceé Jari, and me, Mirette, Eleclya, and Suavecita.

Later Suavecita drove Eleclya to her mother's house, and she also drove me and Mirette over to my place so I could take her to an emergency room in the morning.

I had set my alarm clock to ring at ten o'clock in the morning, but I had anticipated it so I was already awake in the morning. I took my morning medicine, dressed up, had a wash, ate a breakfast, and then me and Mirette went to the department store at the shopping mall to buy iced coffee and ice tea. We took the bus #) to the emergency room in Helsinki, where Mirette got a tetanus shot and her bite wound was patched up.

I went to Pearl House for a while to drink a cup of coffee. In the evening I visited one of my friends who lives a short walk away from me. She had the most amazing two- store semi- detached house with all kinds of amazing stuff.
We ate plum tarts, gingerbread biscuits, chocolate confections, and drank coffee and mulled wine.

After the visit, I went to see Mirette again, she had left some of her stuff at my place. I caught a train to Helsinki and a subway to where she lives.

We ate margarita pizza and Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream, and I stayed overnight because it was getting late.

On Monday I slept all the way to one o’clock in the afternoon, having amazing fandom- themed dreams. Mirette’s social worker came over to visit her and help her with housework, she seemed like a nice person. I shook hands with her and introduced myself, then I took my morning medicine and dressed up.
I went to visit Pearl House, I drank a cup of coffee and chitchatted with the others.

I headed back home and went to the gym; at first I was disappointed with myself because I couldn’t walk on the treadmill for more than a quarter of an hour and I didn’t concentrate on using the exercise machines, but at least I tried, and that’s a good thing. I also tried a new machine, the one that exercises your calf muscles.

On Tuesday I slept all the way to half past two o’clock in the afternoon.
Later the day I went to Late Winds hobby group. The counsellors Irina and Kim had quit, and there were two new counsellors who were named Riikka and Pia, like two of my friends who live in my neighborhood.
We made plum tarts, I was almost amazed how well I made my own, considering that I very rarely bake, especially plum tarts.

Another amazing thing happened; one of the counsellors asked me something, and I answered half- heartedly "Yeah, I guess so" and I had a weird feeling as if my whole existence was based on those words and as if they were the most important words I have ever uttered. I guess I am still living the grunge years.

After the group was over, I caught a bus to Helsinki and visited my favourite vintage thrift store to see if they had any kind of clothes I could buy next week.
I found a brown- orange- black- and white apron that could be easily fashioned into a skirt, a denim dress that I could decorate with a black canvas pen, a navy blue long- hemmed short- sleeved dress that had a small white flower pattern and pink edges, and a short red sleeveless dress with sizeable pockets and thin white criss- cross stripe pattern, and a black Dirndl dress with wooden buttons.

I headed back home and took a shower, then I went to sleep.

I had amazing dreams! Me and my friends were heading to a party in Helsinki, and we had lots of amazing adventures before that.

I got up and logged in to the online bank service. I had received the weekly allowance, so after taking my morning medicine and making myself look presentable, I headed to Helsinki on a train.

Once in Helsinki, I visited my bank to withdraw money. I have decided to withdraw cash at a bank, because that way I will have a reason to go outside and get some humane contact, and besides I have to pay fees for using my Visa Electron card, so the less I use it, the less I have to pay.

I immediately took a train back to Myyr York, and bought the following things; a second- hand bed sheet from the Salvation Army flea market; a pair of purple knitted mittens from Tokmanni; five boxes of Kleenexes, even if they are not a Finnish company, I like the nifty dispenser boxes they come in, not to mention that their tissues are far softer than Finnish ones.
I also bought three boxes of Finnish panty liners, they are far better than the ones I have been using.

I also bought a greeting card for all my friends who have their name- days or birthdays this month, I am sending them next week. I bought two rolls of Christmas gift- wrapping paper, shiny golden paper with glittery stars.

Once back home, I was feeling a bit moody so I blew off some steam by tidying up.

My mail slot clattered. I had received the first Christmas card of 2016, it was from my friend monkiainen. Thank you!
I had also received a notification about a package.
I went to pick it up, I knew immediately that it was from my friend sweetcarolanne! I immediately went home and opened the package; there were all kinds of amazing gifts, I was so happy! I wrote a complete list of the gifts in my previous entry.

Too bad I didn’t stay as happy all day, in the evening I started thinking how am I going to afford having a birthday party on Wednesday, when all my money was gone? I couldn’t ask my mother because she won’t return from the Canary Islands until Sunday evening, and my grandmother would give me the birthday & Christmas money next week, and all my friends are about as poor as me.

I started weeping my poor eyes out, took a nap, and then I went to the department store to buy a box of chocolates.

Tomorrow I would probably visit Pearl House, considering that Lappish Spring is closed for the Christmas holidays.

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I think that my aesthetic could be like the girl named Eleven from the TV show Stranger Things; a crew cut and an old- timey girly dress.

I am growing increasingly stressed about Christmas, even if previously I have been happy and completely enthralled about it. It's just that I simply cannot afford presents, decorations, treats, not even cards.
I am also growing increasingly aware of the fact that I would be happier if I was rich. If I had more money, I wouldn't have to worry about where the next meal comes from or how am I able to pay my bills.
I might purchase a piggy bank.

I went to visit the health center today now that I was awake early enough. I told the nurse that I want to make an appointment with my doctor for a routine check- up, and also do something about my iced coffee addiction. It's not fun when I spend every single last nickel and penny on the aforementioned product.
I got an appointment at the end of February early in the morning. I guess it's better than nothing.

I have realized that I have an unhealthy relationship with my mother; I visit her several times a week, and she also gives me money too easily. I have to learn to stand on my own feet, so I might limit my visitations to once a month and decline the money she gives me. It's better for all of us.

I unfollowed some blogs on Tumblr, mainly social justice blogs, inactive blogs, Junkrat blogs, and stuff like that, because I want to keep my dashboard short so it won't take all night to scroll down on it. Right now I follow the ones I have made friends with.