December 21st, 2016


(no subject)

🍁 Yesterday I went shopping and bought two rolls of bakery paper, one box of Kleenex, one box of interdental brushes, a bottle of dish- washing liquid, and a can of baked beans in tomato sauce for supper. I also bought a new batch of Ketipinor.

🍄 I took out the trash, washed a huge load of dishes, sorted out my laundry... still believe people on welfare are lazy?

🌷 I sorted out my DeviantART favourites, and noticed that my first favourites were basically surreal, colorful art, and my newest ones are mainly Doctor Who fanservice, and of course, my commissions for my sweet, sweet friend Luisita 😚

🌹 Today I let out the longest fart I have ever let out 😆 It sounded like a cat screeching and smelled like onions!

🥀 Today I ordered a poster from TShirtHell, a canvas patch and three mini- posters from the official Tank Girl merchandise shop, a t- shirt from RedBubble and another t- shirt from Shirtoid. They will be my birthmas presents.

🍎 Oh my goddess, it's only three days till Christmas! Time sure does fly. And I will be 28 years old on the 28th day, and I feel so young!

🍉 As you have noticed, I am not sending Christmas cards this year, but I will be sending birthday cards as usual. And I will also send Valentine's cards in a couple of months.

🍒 As you can see, the emojis I chose for this entry are mainly red.