December 26th, 2016


Back home again ^_^

Last night I had an extremely realistic dream where I went to college, I never skipped classes or were late and I got good grades. It makes me sad when I have those kind of dreams, because I know that they will most likely never come true.
I also had a dream about my grade school, and another dream where I was a native of the planet Gallifrey from the Doctor Who television series.

I got up after my mother had gotten up, I took my medicine and had a wash and dressed up.
I noticed that my lower eyelids were heavily swollen to the point where they looked like apricots. I didn’t know why, I had slept well and I had not shed any tears during the night; that’s the usual reason why I have bags under my eyes. It might have been an allergic reaction as well.

My mom noticed that we had both slept very late, half past ten o’clock. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I usually sleep all the way to one o’clock in the afternoon, if I don’t wake up at the small hours like last Wednesday.

I had oatmeal porridge and coffee for breakfast. Me and mom went for a walk in the forest nearby, and once back home I made lunch with her.

After lunch, I had another cup of coffee, and then it was time to go back to my own home.
I packed my stuff, hugged and kissed my mom and dad, and walked all the way to the train station. The weather was pleasant, the sun shone brightly, and there wasn’t a slightest breeze.

I took a train home, unpacked my stuff, and went to the department store in the shopping mall to buy a big carton of milk.

In the afternoon when I went to the gym, I didn’t wear my vegan biker boots, instead I wore the winter shoes my mom had bought me a couple of months earlier, they were far more comfortable.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up my anti- psychotic medicine prescription paper, I would take it to the psychiatric center tomorrow to have it renewed.
Normally I use the electric prescription system, but because my anti- psychotic medicine has not yet been approved in Finland, I have to use the paper system for that. I don’t know why, it’s just the rules.
I also asked the pharmacist some questions about basic health, like vitamin supplements and taking care of atopic skin.

Once at the gym, I walked on the treadmill for about ten minutes, and then used all the exercise machines.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry, including my gym clothes. In the evening I took my medicine and had a proper wash.
I started knitting another quilt square, this one is going to be the same color as the last one.

I have felt very good today, it’s as if visiting my parents for Christmas has left me with a bag of affection that will sustain me for a long time. And I also feel good about tomorrow and all the nice things that are going to happen.
But I also have this typical feeling of impending doom I have almost every evening when the day’s hustle and bustle is done; what’s the point in everything, when we are all going to die one day? But then again, that’s the point; enjoy your life, for you are going to die one day.