December 27th, 2016


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I received the weekly allowance today, even if I usually receive it on Wednesdays. I paid the monthly gym membership fee, and then I took a train all the way to the eastern part of my home town to visit the bank, so I could withdraw the rest of the cash.

I bought a new travel card, and reloaded it with the coupon from the social office, so I can travel in the metropolitan area all the way to the end of March.

I took a bus back home, and went to the shopping mall to visit the department store to buy a roll of baking paper, a box of paper tissues, a pump- action bottle of hand wash, a lip balm, two microwaveable meals and two cans of microwaveable soup. I also bought six pump- action bottles of the basic lotion I have been prescribed.

I went to see my mother. We agreed that she is going to give me the weekly allowance on Wednesday, and some birthday money as well.
We had coffee with buns and chocolates. I’m glad I am not addicted to chocolate as much as I used to be.

Later the evening when I left, my dad came home from work at the same time.
I decided to take a detour; I took a train that takes a longer way to Helsinki, just to be alone with my own thoughts while travelling.
The landscapes sliding past me looked somehow very warm and inviting, even if it was dark and cold outside.

Once in Helsinki, I went to a few of my favourite clothing and jewellery shops in Forum shopping center; Monki, Hennes & Mauritz, BikBok, Gina Tricot; to look at their selection now that they were having the yearly discount. They had all kinds of amazing jewellery and clothes for sale, I wasn’t sure about how I was going to afford them all; I might buy one article of clothing each week during January.

I took a train back home, once there I took my medicine and brushed my teeth.

Today was a nice day. I am also becoming better at taking care of my health and hygiene.

Tomorrow will be my 28th birthday, my friends Mirette and Suavecita are coming to visit me.