January 7th, 2017


Doctor in the wizarding school

I had a dream where I studied in Hogwarts. I also had some dreams about Doctor Who.

I got up about at eleven o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed up, and made myself breakfast.

Later the day I was supposed to do housework, but suddenly I started feeling sleepy so I took a nap that lasted for many hours. It felt good but I was actually disappointed with myself, because I still had plenty of housework to do and I was supposed to go to the gym.

In the afternoon my friend Mirette came to see me, we were heading to this art festival named Lux. It’s held every winter in Helsinki.

We went to Helsinki on a train, once there we went to a restaurant named Holiday to recharge Mirette’s smartphone. We ordered some food, sweet potato fries with mayonnaise and apple pie with ice cream.

We had a good time, all the light- themed arts were gorgeous.

We went home on a train, once back home I took my evening medicine and had a wash and went to bed.

Tomorrow I will continue doing housework, and go visit my parents.