January 13th, 2017


My tweets

  • Fri, 03:41: I have kept my new year resolution of ordering one product per week, either from Etsy or Amazon or whatever.
  • Fri, 03:42: The last product I ordered was a holographic eye pendant, original 1990's grunge style.
  • Fri, 03:42: My life consists of two things; shopping (for clothes) and shipping (gay grandpas from outer space) :D

My Friday the 13th was a very lucky day

I stayed awake almost all night, even if I had remembered to take my evening medicine and also taken a few tranquillizers. I guess it’s because I had had such a busy day, I was enjoying a natural high and couldn’t come down for a while. Or maybe it was because I had drunk lots of coffee at Lappish Spring.

I wish I could overcome my craving for treats; most of the time it’s a craving for something sweet, like chocolate or cocoa, or coffee with milk and sugar.
I understand that if I maintained a healthy routine of regular meals without too much additives, salt, and sugar, and got plenty of fresh air and exercise, I wouldn’t have these cravings. But it’s always easier said than done.
The thing is, I don’t feel like I truly want to stay awake all night, drinking coffee and munching on chocolate. I want to live a healthy life, not because I am expected to do so, but because I want to, out of my own free will.

Mirette was awake as well, so we spent the night having fun together and listening to music. Sleepless nights are always better when shared with friends ~

At five o’clock in the morning, I took my morning medicine and dressed up. At first I wore the new black Dirndl dress with a 1990’s cardigan over it, but the cardigan made me feel too hot and sweaty so I changed them into a Benedict Cumberbatch shirt and a tartan skirt.
Then I wrapped myself into a blanket and slept till eleven o’clock.

Mirette had already left when I got up, and I decided to get on the move too.
I went to the department store in the shopping mall, and bought a bottle of iced coffee and a few cocoa ingredient pouches.

Once back home, I made myself a cup of cocoa and knitted the quilt square I started last night, surfed on the Internet watching YouTube videos, and read the Jerry Spinelli book Stargirl.
And also, the website Playr.org finally restored my saves, so I could play Pokémon: RED. I saved Silph Company from the clutches of Team Rocket led by Giovanni, and acquired the Master Ball, and played against two trainers in Saffron City gym.

I replaced the towels and took the sheets off my bed, and put the blanket, pillow, and mattress into the balcony, and the towels and bed sheets into the laundry basket.

Later the day my H&O worker’s substitute came to visit me. While we were talking about stuff, I washed the dishes and then I ironed my clothes.

She left before I finished my ironing. I took out the trash, took my old wooden billboard to the Salvation Army flea market, took three articles of clothes (a nightie, a blouse, and a dress) to the dressmaker for mending (the nightie was torn under the arms, the blouse was torn on the sleeves by the wrist, and the dress was missing a button), and then I took some old medicines to the nearest pharmacy for recycling.
I also visited the psychiatric center to pick up a medicine prescription and the special permission for using it.

I went to see my mother, she gave me the monthly allowance, ninety euros.
I drank coffee and orange juice, and ate chocolate- salmiakki waffles and green grapes.

My friend Elyseé called me and asked if I wanted to see her today, I was overjoyed and said yes, because I have missed her so much.

When I left, I hugged and kissed my mother and told her that I will visit her again on Sunday.

I walked to the station and took a train to downtown. Once there, I met Elyseé and we went to a burger joint. I bought a cute Angry Birds Hatchlings pencil case, and a tall glass of orange juice.

We took a train to my home. I was going to the department store, but Elyseé didn’t feel like going there because she was getting tired. I gave her my keys and went to the department store.

I bought two boxes of Kleenex paper tissues, six pocket- sized tissue boxes, two boxes of panty- liners, one mega- package of sanitary pads, two big cans of milk, nine plastic coat hangers, four pouches of Tazza cocoa ingredients, two bottles of iced coffee, a canister of scent- free laundry detergent and fabric softener, and some gifts for my friend Michelle. I also bought twenty Valentine’s day cards, ten for my Finnish friends and ten for my friends who live outside Finland. And something else I don’t remember right now.

I went back home and rang the doorbell, Elyseé opened the door for me.
I put my new belongings to their rightful places; milk into the fridge, hygiene products into the kitchen cupboard, detergents into the kitchen drawer, coat hangers into the cupboard, wrapped up the presents and drank the iced coffee.

I washed a load of laundry using the fabric softener, and made a cup of green peppermint tea and a couple of sandwiches for Elyseé. Mirette made pizza for us.

Tomorrow I will spend time with my friends, I’m glad they saved me from an otherwise boring Saturday.