January 25th, 2017


Shrovetide buns

I had a dream about the movie Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome. I also had a dream where I was trying to travel from the summer cottage to my home, and in another dream I was playing an acoustic guitar and singing the song Tree Hugger by the band Antsy Pants. I wish I could learn how to play acoustic guitar, and I have also been thinking of attending singing lessons. The only thing stopping me from fulfilling dreams is either my anxiety, or the lack of money.

I got up at half past eleven o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine, dressed into a pair of pyjama pants and a stripy blouse, and washed the crusty sleep out of my eyes, and dabbed lotion on my skin.

I turned on my laptop and logged in to the online bank account. I had received the weekly allowance, so I paid the monthly gym membership fee, along with my Spotify Premium subscription.

I left immediately, I took a train east and went to the bank to withdraw the rest of the money, and left enough money to pay for my Netflix subscription.

I took a train back to my hometown, and went to the dressmaker to pick up my mended clothes; a nightshirt that had holes under the arms, and a summer dress that was missing a button, and a long- sleeved blouse that was fraying at the wrists.

I went to the supermarket in the department store, but unfortunately the aforementioned supermarket was under construction, or perhaps they were just messing up with the shelves in order to troll the customers.

I went back home and felt a bit downcast. I put everything to their rightful places, made a few phone calls, and then it was time to leave again.

Yesterday I had made an appointment with a parish worker. We met at three o’clock in the afternoon.
I talked a bit with the worker who has helped me before, zie was very kind and understanding. At the end of the appointment, zie gave me a gift card of 30 euros to the supermarket I had visited.

I went to another supermarket right next to the parish, and bought five microwaveable meals, five cans of tomato- goat cheese soup, and three big cartons of milk.
I had originally wanted to buy eight meals and soups, but they didn’t have enough of them.

I took a train back home, put all the groceries into the fridge, did some random odd jobs around the apartment, and warmed one of the microwaveable meals in the microwave oven.
Later the day Mirette came home.

Later the day I went out again, simply because I felt the need for fresh air.
I went to the library to return a book, and then to the supermarket to buy dinner for Mirette, it took me a while to find the products because it was the supermarket where they were replacing the shelves.
I also bought some Shrovetide buns with marzipan, and some iced coffee.

Once back home, I warmed some soup in the microwave oven for supper, and took my evening medicine after that.

Tomorrow is Thursday, I will go to Lappish Spring and then to Girls’ House.