January 26th, 2017


My bones hurt.

This morning I woke up to a horrid pain in my left knee. I wonder why, I hadn’t banged it against furniture or twisted it, and I haven’t gone to the gym or walks or bike rides, or anything like that.

I knew I was supposed to head to the health center before it becomes too crowded, but I was having such pleasant dreams that I didn’t feel like getting up too soon.

When I finally got up, I took my morning medicine and dressed into the Time Lord shirt for the first time, and a tartan skirt with that.
I have taken up the habit of picking the clothes I am going to wear tomorrow every evening, and putting them ready.

I left immediately, and went to the health center. I waited for an hour for my turn, and then I waited for another hour for my turn for the doctor on call, and then I got bored and went back home.
I took one of Mirette’s painkillers, and then we left. I barely noticed the pain anymore, and soon it felt better.

We took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to Grass Cape, and went to Lappish Spring. We talked with the volunteers, and I drank coffee and ate cinnamon rolls and eclairs.

Later the day me, Mirette, and Tina left at the same time, we walked to Grass Cape and took a subway to Kamppi, and went to the shopping center to visit the stationery store.
I noticed that they have some pretty new designs of Geepap notebooks for sale.
I bought myself a purple and dark blue magic ink pen, and then we went to the city center on a subway and took a train home.

I visited the pharmacy, I was told that there was one batch of the anti- psychotic prescription medicine ready for purchase, but I didn’t have the coupon for purchasing it. I will run out of medicine on Sunday, so there is only one bank day left to receive the coupon from the social security institution.
I have decided that if I haven’t received the coupon before noon tomorrow, I will go to the social office to ask about it. Then again, I should have applied sooner.
I have to wait until Monday morning, and if I haven’t received the coupon by then, I have to be without medicine.
One way of purchasing it is buying the medicine with cash, but it costs about 300 euros a package, and there’s no way I can afford it on my own. Neither can anyone of my family members, or friends.

I went back home feeling a bit downcast. I warmed some soup in the microwave, and took my evening medicine after finishing my supper. I washed two loads of laundry, and took a shower.

Tomorrow I will get up early in the morning, me and Mirette will go to the latter’s home to tidy up.
Then I have to go back to my own home, because my H&O worker will visit me and I have to tidy up my own home, at least wash the dirty dishes and iron the laundry.
Me and Mirette will go to Helsinki to watch the Chinese New Year celebrations.