January 27th, 2017


Chinese New Year celebrations

My smartphone’s alarm clock woke me up at half past seven o’clock in the morning. Me and Mirette had to go to her home to tidy up.

I got up, took my morning medicine, dressed up, and soon we were off. We took some of Mirette’s stuff along.

We caught a train to Helsinki, then a subway to Heart Cape. Once at Mirette’s home, her social worker was there to help us clean up.

I tried helping them, but I was too sleepy. After the social worker left, we both took a nap sleeping on two old mattresses on the floor of Mirette’s apartment. I slept very well, and got up feeling refreshed.

I had to go back to my own home, because my H&O worker was coming for a visit. I took a bus to Helsinki, then a train home.

Once at my home, the H&O worker was waiting for me, she was a substitute to my usual worker.

While she was visiting me, I managed to wash every single one of the dirty dishes.

Later the day Mirette came to my home, we went to Helsinki to watch the Chinese New Year celebrations.

After seeing the fireworks, we went to Mirette’s home to pick up some of her stuff, then popped to the grocery shop to buy some eatables. Then we went to my home to sleep.

Tomorrow we are going to IKEA to pick up a new mattress for Mirette.